Stuffing Music Into The Watch Is Still Like A Temptation

Music is both familiar and unfamiliar to me. I listen to music every day, but I just use it to soothe and change emotions. I do n’t remember exactly where I heard the phrase “music, Is the language of the world ‘, so I sometimes listen to music that I do n’t know. The scope of music is too big. It should be said that the words can only be regarded as songs or songs, and the music is different. Sometimes you only need the melody to sink into it, so not all the most classic and famous music in the world. word. Music needs to be perceived. This seems to have something to do with mechanical watches, so I don’t know when it will start, and there will be a new category in the big world of mechanical watches-musical timepieces.

Athens Music Watch

    According to some available data, around the end of the 18th century, Europe began to have small mechanical pocket watches that could play music. At that time, the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty was in office in China. It was also the European and Chinese contacts and hoped that China would open some trade At the port, among the gifts brought into the court were music boxes and music clocks to showcase the achievements of western mechanical science. Of course, these clocks were generally made in London, England.

1820 Warbler music box made by the Geneva watchmaker for the Chinese market

    In the 19th century, watchmakers in Switzerland began to embed musical sound structures in small pocket watches. The music here is not a three-question tone, but a classic fragment from a world-renowned track. In the middle of the 19th century, there was Charles Reuge, a music box manufacturer in Switzerland. Today it is one of the world’s three largest music box manufacturers and the only manufacturer of handmade music boxes. This company actually not only manufactures music boxes, but also makes music pocket watches and develops chronograph movements. Today, our more common music watch maker Boegli uses their music movements. In that era, there was no better way to preserve music. The music box was the only mechanical device capable of directly listening to music. Of course, the invention of the phonograph that followed it almost broke the industry, leaving only a few music. Box companies are struggling to support, and Reuge is one of them.
Charles Reuge and Boegli stick to music

Charles Reuge event doll mechanical music pocket watch and songbird music box

    Over the past 150 years, the way music has been changed has changed several times. From music boxes and vinyl records to magnetic tapes, disks, compact discs and today’s digital products, I think that handmade mechanical music boxes seem to have the same fate as mechanical watchmaking, and even Even worse. However, the Charles Reuge brand has always adhered to the original and unique mechanical work of the music box, and has continuously explored the principles of music and acoustics. Therefore, it cooperated with MB & F to create three generations of Music Machines.

Music Machine 3 designed by MB & F and produced by Reuge

    Charles Reuge now makes relatively few music watches, but its music movements are very popular. One of its big customers is the Swiss music watch maker Boegli. Boegli’s history is not long. In fact, the watchmaking tradition that began in 1904 has been broken in the middle. The original intention of the Boegli brand was to specialize in producing mechanical musical timepieces, and to distinguish it from other watch products of the parent company. Special registration.

Boegli watch playing Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’

Boegli Limited 99 Zero Series Music Watches

    Compared with some high-end brands, the appearance of Boegli and Reuge meets the good expectations of ordinary watch friends for musical mechanical timepieces, because the price of ordinary styles is generally 10,000-15,000 yuan, except for a few complicated models, while high-end brands are almost The price of one hundred thousand is really a bit beyond the reach. In terms of musical performance, Boegli watches generally use a musical cylinder, and different watches can play different songs. Spring in Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto ‘Four Seasons’ and Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ are more common. Two tracks.
Tissot and Vivaldi: Love in Time and Space-‘Four Seasons’

Vivaldi Violin Concerto ‘Four Seasons’

    In 2012, Tissot launched a set of four musical pocket watches, each of which has a musical theme: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Yes, this pocket watch comes from the famous baroque Italian composer and violinist’s violin concerto ‘Four Seasons’ at the end of Baroque. I want to say the name simply, many friends can’t clearly know which one, so I suggest Interested friends, as long as they simply listen to a paragraph, especially the ‘Spring’ in it, they will know that they are so familiar with it.

Tissot ‘Four Seasons’ Music Pocket Watch Set

    These four pocket watches, according to their respective theme settings, played the corresponding track, of course, only selected the most exciting section. The hollow ETA movement is used as the core mechanism of time indication inside, and the music sounding part uses the classic music cylinder mechanism. This mechanism is the most primitive and the most used at the same time. Through the steel needle on the music cylinder, flip the gong on the sound comb, and then form a loud music through the diaphragm, but unfortunately, there is no data to show which manufacturer’s music mechanism is used by Tissot.
Breguet’s Music World
    In the world of musical watches, if you want to mention who is the real master, Breguet will be mentioned first. We all know that Master Breguet has outstanding watchmaking talents and has overcome a large number of complex problems of mechanical watchmaking, but not many people really know that Breguet is also good at making musical timepieces. Around 1800, Master Breguet produced a musical pocket watch using a music turntable instead of a cylinder, thereby reducing the thickness of the pocket watch. Historically, the Breguet brand has produced a number of musical pocket watches and used a number of European classical music tracks.

Left: Breguet’s music pocket watch, circa 1800. Right: Breguet’s music pocket watch.

     In modern times, Breguet watches inherit this unique art of watchmaking. It has launched a number of musical watches, with its crisp and clear sound, which is fascinating. When the music sounds, the dial rotates with it. In 2010, Breguet released a watch with a full melody, model 7800. At that time, it was available in gold and white gold. The watch played the prelude to Rossini’s ‘Thief’. ‘The Thief’ is the twentieth opera created by Rossini. Rossini is good at using the ‘gradually increasing’ tune to render the comedy appeal, and the watch uses the representative ‘gradually increasing’. Melody snippet.

Rossini and The Thief

Breguet 7800 with Rossini’s ‘Thief’

Breguet 7803 Sky City Music Watch

    Of course, Breguet’s music watch is not just this one, nor is this track. In 2011, only watch, Breguet dedicated to making a special music watch, dedicated to charity. The track is the familiar ‘City of the Sky’, written by Hayao Miyazaki and composed by Hisaishi Hisaishi. This song believes that there will be more people who know it, and this watch has become one of the few music watches using modern songs.

Breguet 7800 ‘Harmony’ Music Watch

    In 2013, Breguet re-interpreted the 7800, an outstanding musical watch, using the seventh piece of ‘Harmony’ in the Bach minor orchestral suite No. 2 in B minor. This tune is concise and cheerful, the rhythm is relaxed and lively, and it does not have high playing skills, so it is often a practice repertoire that the musicians like.
Athens Music Festival for Strangers
    We have always known that Athens likes to be unique in advanced complication watches. The combination of moving puppets and three questions, an astronomical trilogy, a celestial running tourbillon, and a retractable perpetual calendar are all masterpieces of Athens. In 2013, Athens released a series of watches named Stranger. This watch has an exciting music sounding function, and can be started at any time, or it can be started at full time, which means that it also It is not simply the product of a combination of a time-lapse movement and a music box, but it has been carefully designed.

Strangers in the Night music watch

     The 2013 Stranger watch, like the Breguet, uses a combination of a music turntable and a comb. The difference is that Breguet hides them inside the dial (more mysterious), while Athens is happy to let everyone enjoy it together. This watch uses ‘Strangers in the Night’. ‘Strangers in the Night’ was originally only part of the film music, and later became a song by Bert Kaempfert’s lyrics. It was then sung by Frank Sinatra and became a popular song. It is a classic music work of the mid 20th century.

Athenian Stranger Series Vivaldi ‘Four Seasons’ Music Watch

     After two years, Athenaeum launched the stranger’s No. 2 music watch, equipped with a self-developed automatic mechanical movement. The selected song was ‘Four Seasons’ in the Vivaldi E major violin concerto, and ‘Spring’ was intercepted. Fragment. Among the ‘Four Seasons’, I want to be most exposed to this ‘Spring’, because it has the same role as the ‘Humor’, that is, the rhythm is cheerful and lively, making people happy, so compared with ‘Xia’, ‘ ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’ are more popular.

Athens 2015 Only watch stranger ‘We are the champions’ music watch

     What’s more interesting is that the Athens watch has added its favorite feature selection structure for this purpose. The crown can be used for winding and adjusting without pulling out the crown. This also means that the watch is carefully designed with a delicate structure, only for the wrist. The table is more moving.
Girard Perregaux Opera Three’s solo with Mozart and Tchaikovsky

Girard Perregaux Opera III

     Many cousins ​​know the astronomical trilogy of Athens, Audemars Piguet’s ‘Eight Heavenly Kings’, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ‘Hybris Mechanica’ or Harry Winston’s Opus, but few people know Girard Perregaux’s Opera trilogy. Opera has been released since 1999. The first watch is a three-gold bridge tourbillon four-hammer scale minute repeater watch, the second watch is a tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three minute advanced watch. The third watch was launched in 2003 and is the world’s first You can choose to play a music watch, from 2003 to 2007, only two were produced, and today it seems that there are no more shadows.

Option to play two tracks

     More importantly, this watch has a function selection. Not only can you choose to play tracks, but you can also manually select three music playback modes: immediate play, full time playback, and closed music. This means that it is not simple on the basic machine. It is so simple to embed a miniature music box on the core, but it is integrated with the movement and is part of the movement. This watch has two tracks in total, Mozart’s ‘A Little Night’ and Tchaikovsky’s ‘No Great Love’, which can be selected and played by the button at 10 o’clock.
    The combination of music and watches is still a very interesting and fresh category today. Whether it is music or time, it is so abstract. Now the fusion of the two is so specific.