The Beauty Of Mother’s Love Is More Than One

(April 2019, Shanghai, China) Mother’s Day came quietly in May, which was full of warmth. Rado has specially selected 4 timepieces. It takes time to remember the tolerance and greatness of motherly love, so that love has a unique way of expression and pays tribute to every great modern woman.

Pure and noble mother’s love

RADO True Thinline Star Diamond Watch
RADO Swiss Radar Real Thin Series Star Diamond Watch is presented by the brand in collaboration with the well-known Spanish designer Inma Bermudez. This watch is made of pure white high-tech ceramics, which shows the love of motherhood. Pure and noble; the watch mirror adopts the multi-faceted sapphire glass cutting technology that the brand has used since 1962, making it have a relief-like three-dimensional effect, like a diamond. The golden details are embellished, the atmosphere is simple but not simple. This watch is limited to 1,001 pieces.

Warm and tough mother’s love

RADO Swiss Radar True Thinline Stud Limited Edition

The RADO True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is jointly designed by the brand and the well-known British designer Bethan Grey. It is made of black matte high-tech ceramics, with a subtle texture pattern and charming The design elements create a sense of lightness and space in the dial; the design of the strap adds a strong contrast, and the design of black textured leather and gold rivets highlights the three-dimensional beauty, reflecting the mother’s warm and tough love. This watch is limited to 1,001 pieces.

Delicate and woven mother’s love true series hollow automatic mechanical watch

RADO Swiss Radar True Series Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch
The True series hollow automatic mechanical watch combines the characteristics of the RADO Swiss Rado brand: a beautifully decorated Swiss automatic mechanical movement, a one-piece case, a high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, and a rich choice of colors, which highlights the brand’s material And the excellent control of design, is a model of the True series. The hollowed-out dial outlines the outlines of gear transmissions, hairsprings and movements in smooth geometric lines, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship of power elements at a glance, just like the delicate and woven love expressed by a mother who is both inside and outside.

Tender and tolerant mother’s love Diamond Diamond watch

RADO DiaMaster Diamond Master Watch

ADORADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series watch is equipped with a 33 mm case, embossed calfskin strap fastens the watch to the wrist, inlaid with 49 brilliant diamonds on the dial, adding a touch of luxury. This timepiece is made of the brand’s signature material, plasma high-tech ceramics. It is light, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic, and emits the unique metallic luster of plasma high-tech ceramics. It can easily meet the needs of various social occasions. It is versatile. Wrist companion. This watch combines extraordinary beauty and long-lasting qualities, perfectly interpreting the tenderness and tolerance of motherhood.
My mother’s love is the greatest love in the world, and it is worthy of praise throughout my life. Maternal love is like a song, and it is worthy of praise for a lifetime. This year’s Mother’s Day, you will use the watch to ‘represent’ your gratitude and let your love go with your mother’s wrist every second.