The Most Expensive Watch In The World Sells For Millions Of Dollars

$ 11 million Henry Graves Super Complex Pocket Watch
Why can everyone express their admiration and yearning together even if they only talk about the two simple letters P.P.? Because this Swiss watch brand not only has a history of nearly 170 years, it has its own museum in Geneva, the watch capital. It has more than 70 patented technologies and is also a holder of many world records: in 1999, the price was 1100. Million-dollar Henry Graves super complex pocket watch, set a world record with 24 complex functions; in 2002, the platinum world time exceeded the limit, indicating the time of 41 countries, regions and cities; in 2007, Ref.1591 to The price of $ 2.2 million became the highest auctioned stainless steel watch ever.