The Touch Of White Deep In The Soul Casio Summer Models Are Fresh And Fresh

SHE-4024-7A silver bezel RMB 1390

   The cicadas lingering along with the jingle of the wind chimes, the summer sun is falling on the face through the dense green branches, the freshness of summer feels like a white kiss, reveals the pure and extreme feeling, touches the heartstrings, and surrounds the heart. Put on a white dress and jewelry, sing softly, maybe everyone has a faint Snow White dream in their hearts, regardless of age.

SHE-4024G-7A Gold Bezel RMB1490

   The SHEEN series is a fresh summer watch-the new series SHE-4024G / 4024 watch. The touch of extreme pure white is exquisite and natural, revealing the smart movement of crystal, touching the tenderness and beauty of the heart. It is worth mentioning that this watch strap is made of new resin material, which is scratch-resistant, fade-proof, shock-resistant and wear-resistant. With high medical safety materials, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is difficult to fade and age even after spraying perfume or UV light. It brings a new sense of coolness in vision and touch, like a refreshing and non-sticky ice cream taste on a hot summer day. The ultra-thin dial is even lighter and thinner. The scale is made of Swarovski rhinestones. The shape is crystal clear, simple and generous, and there is a sense of freshness everywhere. At 8 o’clock, the star shape representing the hour scale and the Swarovski rhinestones inlaid with the odd scales complement each other. It shines brightly and is agile and smooth, filling the entire dial with infinite vision and reverie, shining a fairy-tale light.