Tribute To Watchmaking Tradition And Craftsman Jacques De Dross Antique Pocket Watch

This pocket watch engraved with ‘Jaquet Droz’ is a difficult technical challenge for the brand. It is based on an original movement born in the 18th century and redesigned it. Complete, but now the case no longer exists. This is a time trip back in time, bringing back the most exquisite watchmaking traditions.

This is a rare challenge that watch lovers will never find in their lives. The master craftsman of the brand designed a unique timepiece based on an 18th-century Jacques de Loire movement, which carried forward the advanced mechanical skills of Pierre Jaquet-Droz and the extraordinary taste of beauty.

This antique movement was originally a private collection and was later acquired by the Jacques Dro workshop. It belongs to the crown wheel escapement movement, also known as the shaft escapement movement, which is a classic creation in the history of watches and clocks. The birth of this escapement dates back to the 13th century, and it remained popular in the world of watches until the 19th century. Its escape wheel intersects the balance axis perpendicularly to maintain swing. This movement was completely disassembled and cleaned, and the entire repair process took six months.

The gold-plated trim of the splint and the bridge is completely retained, all the supporting shafts are carefully repaired, and the shaft heads are re-polished. Remaking and installing a missing escapement tooth is a difficult challenge for a watchmaker. Pocket watches are wound in the same way as they were more than three centuries ago, using plug-in keys located between two time scales. This movement was originally not equipped with a winding key, which was specially designed and produced by Jacques Dro watchmaking workshop.

In the Jacques Dro Art workshop, the enamel painter, sculptor and gem inlayer referred to the timepiece style at that time, and designed a new case for it, explaining the brand’s exclusive chain pocket watch ‘ch√Ętelaine’ features: secret signature, four leaves Grass pattern, Roman numerals (hours) and Arabic numerals (minutes) on the dial. The dial is drawn by hand and processed according to compasses. The two hands rotate on the curved dial. The hands are hand-crafted from stainless steel and blue after flame processing, matching the lily pattern. The case is made of 18K gold according to the tradition at that time, and is embellished with rubies and pearls in accordance with the popular jewellery techniques of the 18th century. It takes a long time for the blue enamel on the bottom case to achieve a smooth and even blue, and gold sequins dazzle it. The sculpted bottom case adds a distinguished atmosphere to this pocket watch.

Elegant and exquisite, this pocket watch is an ode to the art workshop of Jacques Dro and to the infinite creativity of mankind. Inspired by legendary history, it turns dreams into reality today. This unparalleled and unique pocket watch will be carefully collected by the Jacques Dro Museum. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)