Vacheron Constantin Opens Its New Exclusive Showroom In Buenos Aires

The Vacheron Constantin Petit Palais Espace Vacheron Constantin Small Museum near Recoleta, a noble cemetery in Buenos Aires, has recently opened.
This new exclusive showroom-the largest in Geneva, Switzerland, in South America-is now hosted by Vacheron Constantin’s long-term partners Martin De Leeuw, Fabian Guelman, Miriam Kohen, and Vacheron Constantin CEO Juan-Carlos Torres. Opening ceremony.

Fabian Guelman, Martin De Leeuw, Miriam Kohen and Juan-Carlos Torres
Petit Palais, a luxurious five-story building, created by Simonetta Orsini and completed in December 2009. This historic building dates back to 1926, where the world’s top luxury brands are displayed.
This 800-square-meter building was originally created by Norwegian architect and art master Alejandro Christophersen (1866 – 1946), who has completed many outstanding architectural designs in Buenos Aires and rebuilt the building. It was done by Argentine architect Gustavo Gontovnikas.

The Vacheron Constantin Espace sits on the ground floor of the entire building, in keeping with the aesthetic value of the design of the Maison Vacheron Constantin in Geneva. The large VIP area provides a set of high-end and warm equipment and facilities to make people feel more comfortable, committed to technology and precious luxury watches. It is decorated with precious wood and leather to show the spectacular architectural style and stylish interior design. The entire decoration creates a beautiful atmosphere full of confidence and tranquility.