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The Starting Point Of The Homemade Movement Tudor Tudor North Flag Vs Pelagos

TUDOR Tudor has been out of the world of general-purpose movements since 2015, and has also started to make its own movements. Considering the fine traditions of the entire group and the skills behind them, some people may still feel that Tudor until then It was a little late to have a homemade movement. However, although it didn’t start earlier than other brands, in more than three years, Tudor has been actively developing its own product line. In addition to the basic three-hand function, it has also derived chronographs or two-time functions. More and more. Tracing the source, MT5621 and MT5612 are the two starting points of Tudor’s home-made movements. This time, let us admire the attractive features of the North Flag and Pelagos equipped with these two movements.

TUDOR North Flag
As mentioned earlier, Pelagos and this North Flag are the first models to be equipped with Tudor-made movements. Among them, the North Flag has received more attention than Pelagos because it is a native model and has a power reserve display. At the beginning, everyone was too excited about the launch of the self-made movement by Tudor, so the discussion about this was almost focused on the movement. On the contrary, the analysis of the watch itself was carried over, and now, after enough time, It’s time to take a comprehensive look at the entire watch.

The power reserve display is set at 9 o’clock on the face plate, and the bright yellow fan-shaped squares gradually shrink to remind the wearer of the remaining time.

The case is actually combined with ceramic material
The North Flag is a native style. Although some of the elements in the watch can be reminiscent of the brand’s antique watches in the past, it is generally appropriate to look at the new watch. The body of the watch is integrally formed from the middle case to the lugs. The substantial structural strength and impression belong to the sturdy and durable design, which meets the requirements of the product ‘mission equipment’. The bezel here rarely uses a double-layer structure / material. The upper layer is stainless steel like the case, and the lower layer is ceramic. After the popularization of ceramic materials, there are many examples of replacing the entire bezel with ceramic for scratch resistance. It is relatively rare to place ceramics underneath.

The crown is screw-in to ensure water resistance, and the crown is slightly tapered, making it easier to handle manually. From here, you can also see that the lower layer of ceramic is wider than the upper layer of stainless steel, which is the first line of resistance when encountering side impacts.

Reverse thinking creates new value for ceramic structures
Placing ceramic on the lower layer of the bezel technically cannot prevent scratches from the front. This is a puzzling design of the North Flag. However, because the side of the bezel is inclined outward, the lower layer of ceramic can be used. In order to resist the impact from the lateral direction; on the other hand, although the ceramic is scratch-resistant, it may be completely broken when it is hit. Tudor may not use ceramics on the front here to avoid this situation. The watch comes with a chain strap or a belt, but even the belt comes with a folding buckle.

The watch rarely has a transparent caseback. Although the North Flag uses a larger movement, the size of the watch is smaller than the Pelagos. The reason why it is so important is that the movement is exposed.

Currently the only Tudor-made movement with a power reserve display
Compared with the Peugeos 5612, the watch is equipped with the 5621 movement. The first is that the diameter of the movement is slightly larger, and the other is that the power reserve is displayed at 9 o’clock. Energy storage display in Tudor (or Rolex) is a relatively rare feature. Although it may not be necessary under the premise that the user of the automatic winding and Tudor is likely to wear it for a long time, but considering The power reserve of the system is seventy hours, and the watch user may forget to add the chain when wearing it, so multiple energy storage indicators can also be regarded as insurance measures.

TUDOR Pelages
Pelagos is one of TUDOR’s earliest replacement of homemade movements. For a long time, Pelagos has always been undervalued in the brand. Objectively speaking, its performance and exterior materials as professional diving watches are higher than Black Bay, but the price is only a little higher, and the CP value is definitely higher. , But it is always difficult to beat BB’s pleasing retro look, and its popularity is slightly inferior, so Tudor has always made a lot of tricks to enhance the attractiveness of Pelagos. It can be regarded as one of the first to carry homemade movement one.

The square decoration nicknamed ‘Snowflake’ by the collector can be seen on the hour hand. This is the signature feature of TUDOR’s production of diving watches since 1969.

More professional performance than Black Bay
Pelagos has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters, which can already be regarded as a deep diving watch, so there is a helium exhaust valve on the left side of the case. The outer case is made of titanium and the bezel is ceramic. These are beyond the reach of Black Bay. It is also worth mentioning that it has a buckle with a strap. It has a professional diving watch Often the increased joint extension structure, as well as the special elastic tension function, will automatically lengthen or shorten as the pressure changes in the water, which is quite superior in the diving tables currently on the market.

The ceramic bezel is the most attractive point of Pelagos’s many specifications over BB. The official has not detailed the process of their ceramic bezels in memory, but its digital scale and surface are flush with it, which is different from the intaglio of Rolex.

Tudor Diver Watch Classic Classic Hand
The workmanship of the watch exteriors outside the materials is also quite delicate. The model uses the axe needle of the Tudor diving watch’s signature-now officially named Snowflake Needle. This may be one of the most wise decisions when Tudor reorganized the diving watch product line in 2012, successfully defining the unique personality of its own products. , But also linked to the brand’s vast historical heritage. The façade on the inside of the case is beveled. The rectangular time scale cuts directly into this bevel, creating a very three-dimensional sense of space on the surface. This is a feature of modern watchmaking in terms of processing technology and aesthetic style. .

The crown shoulders are also available in Pelagos but not in BB. Even the date shows that BB was finally added until 2017. Although people who want to buy BB should still prefer the dateless version, the difference between the two demands You can see this

Added blue face with homemade movement
After Pelagos started to replace the brand-made MT5612 movement, it also launched a new color of blue face and blue ring. The official blue points out that this blue is taken from the brand’s past diving watches, but the blue of the antique Tudor diving watch is closer to the navy blue, which is quite different from this light blue. The connection is mainly spiritual . The self-made movement is certified by the observatory, so the lower part of the faceplate is marked with relevant words. Such dense printing should also be very appetizing for Rolex / Tudor players.

North flag

Stainless steel, ceramic material / MT 5621 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / power reserve display / COSC Observatory certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / 40mm diameter / reference price: 21,000 RMB


Titanium, ceramic material / MT 5612 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 500 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 30,000 RMB

Replica Patek Philippe Ref.7118/1200a Nautilus Series Women’s Automatic Winding Watch

The diameter of women’s automatic winding watches of the Nautilus series has been slightly increased (from 33.60 mm to 35.20 mm)

The date window is at 6 o’clock and is surrounded by a three-dimensional platinum border

The horizontal dial is embossed

Bezel set with 56 diamonds (about 0.67 carats)

The new Nautilus series folding clasp includes adjustments (the length around the wrist can be increased by 2 to 4 mm)

Slightly larger diameter, new dial color scheme

   Among the many women’s watches in the Nautilus series, the stainless steel diamond model launched in 2013 was particularly successful. This watch combines classic style with casual temperament, with unique personality. Patek Philippe slightly increased the diameter of this model (from 35.2 mm to 33.6 mm) to enhance its elegant sporty atmosphere. All women’s self-winding watches in the Nautilus collection now have the same diameter.

   Patek Philippe has also added new colors to this series of dials. The horizontal horizontal relief pattern is reminiscent of soft ripples. Women’s models are available in blue, white or grey-black gradient dials. These three colors naturally set off the satin of stainless steel and the brilliance of 56 top Wesselton diamonds (about 0.67 carats), which make the bezel shine. Platinum three-dimensional blocks and hour markers and platinum hands with fluorescent coating show time. The date window is at 6 o’clock and is surrounded by a three-dimensional platinum border. The case has a water resistance of 60 meters and is designed with the well-known porthole structure of the Nautilus series. The octagonal bezel is rounded and decorated with chamfered edges. The satin-brushed and polished finishes alternate with each other, revealing the beauty of the watch.

   This watch is equipped with Caliber324SC self-winding movement. Through the sapphire crystal cover, you can admire the exquisite decoration of the movement.

   The stainless steel bracelet is also satin-brushed and polished, with a folding clasp with a new adjustment mechanism. The wearer can increase the length of the bracelet by 2 to 4 mm for more comfortable wearing. When operating, just pull one of the two bracelets or pull both ends at the same time, even if the watch is already worn on the wrist.

   The new women’s self-winding Nautilus series Ref.7118 / 1200A replaces all Ref.7018 / 1A models in this series.

• 7118 / 1200A-001: blue
• 7118 / 1200A-010: brilliant white
• 7118 / 1200A-011: gray-black gradient
• Gold three-dimensional hour markers and blocks with fluorescent coating
. Platinum Barton Hands with Fluorescent Coating
•stainless steel
• Diameter (only after 10 am to 4 pm): 35.2 mm
• Thickness. 8.62 mm
• Water resistance 60 meters
• Sapphire crystal transparent cover
•stainless steel
• Nautilus folding clasp
• Set with 56 diamonds: about 0.67 carats (bezel)
• Caliber324SC
. Self-winding movement
• Window type date display
. Center large second hand
• Diameter: 27 mm
• Thickness: 3.57 mm
• Number of parts: 217
• Wind-up rotor: 21K gold central rotor
• Frequency: 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour (4 Hz)
• Power reserve: at least 35 hours-up to 45 hours
@ hour hand
@Minute hand
Leap second hand
Pull-out crown: date adjustment

Pure And Timeless, Love Eternal Hublot Hublot Particularly Recommends Big Bang Soul Series Watches For Valentine’s Day 2019

On the snowy winter day, make the most sincere promises to loved ones, and wait for the warmest love. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 2019, the top Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT presents a pair of clear and exquisite watches-BigBang soul series moon phase titanium diamond watch and BigBang soul series sapphire watch.

BigBang Soul Moon Phase Titanium Diamond Watch


  Beautiful and deep, at a glance, you can see the HUB1770 automatic winding skeleton calendar camera core carried by the timepiece. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the bi-lunar pattern rises and falls through frosted glass, completely showing the moon phase cycle and changes, as if the replacement of the sun, the moon and the stars, telling the love and the original heart that has never changed. A small second hand display at 9 o’clock, and a large calendar display between 12 and 3 o’clock. The diverse small dials are independent of each other, but they are connected to each other, more like the fetters of love in love. With endless love.

BigBang Soul Sapphire Watch


  The longing and desirable beauty in clear, clear, pure love is vividly expressed on the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ sapphires. The upper structure of the watch (including the bezel and the case ends) and the lower structure (including the case back and the mirror) are made of 4 complete sapphire cuts. The barrel-shaped case of Hublot is extremely difficult to complete. challenge. Using 3D cutting technology, it took 100 man-hours to create a BigBang Soul Sapphire watch that is as indestructible as a diamond and has excellent scratch resistance. Tough and loyal, the promises of you and me in the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the sea will be eternal.

Hublot Big Bang soul series moon phase titanium white diamonds
Technical Parameters
Serial number: 647.NE.2070.RW.1204
Diameter: 42mm
Thickness: 13.80mm
Waterproof depth: 10 standard atmospheric pressure (about 100 meters underwater)
Case: Brushed satin-finished and polished titanium
Set with 48 gems totaling 0.58 carats
6 H-shaped titanium screws
Mirror: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Case back: brushed satin-finished titanium and sapphire mirror
Dial: Sapphire dial
Movement: HUB1770 self-winding hollow calendar camera month
Date: 1:30 o’clock position window
Number of parts: 228 (27 gem bearings)
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Strap: Pinstripe white natural rubber strap, stainless steel folding clasp

Hublot Big Bang Soul Sapphire Watch
Technical Parameters
Serial number: 641.JX.0120.RT-Limited collection of 250 pieces
Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 15.10 mm
Waterproof depth: 5 standard atmospheric pressure (about 50 meters underwater)
Case: polished sapphire
Bezel: Polished sapphire, 6 ‘H’ titanium screws
Table mirror: Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating
Case back: polished sapphire mirror
Crown and buttons: Brushed satin-finished titanium
Dial: Sapphire
Movement: HUB4700 automatic winding skeleton chronograph movement
Date: 4:30 o’clock position calendar pane
Number of parts: 278 (31 ruby ​​bearings)
Vibration frequency: 5 Hz (36,000 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Strap: Transparent engraved strap with titanium folding clasp

Won Di Lierba, What Does This Woman Rely On?

In autumn, major brands and fashion weeks alternate show. In the Durgaban Namiland station, Chinese actor Dili Reba stood on the runway and walked the runway for the brand, but was grabbed by another Asian on the same stage. Everyone was taken away by this girl. Who is she? What does it rely on?

Mai Davika
 She is Mai Davika (Davika Horne, hereinafter referred to as Mai for short). In the big show of Dolce & Gabbana, she wore a black and white spotted suit and she sucked countless powders. The built-in aura and three-dimensional features are particularly eye-catching, leading many people to think that she is a model. But in fact, her better known identity is Thailand’s ‘billion female heroines’. The highest box office of the film ‘Ghost Father’ starring her has reached 1 billion. She is very well-known in Thailand and now has a unique temperament internationally And its superb ability to control fashion is also well known by more and more people.

Mai Davika

 The reason why Mai can get such a good development in the world by virtue of fashion, of course, has its own unique temperament. She is a mixed race of Belgium and Thailand, so her facial features are more three-dimensional than other Asians; her height advantage is also prominent on the runway. Her height of 175 drives her fashion as much as a professional model.

Long Hair Mai
 Mai used to have long hair, although it is also very beautiful, but the recognition is not as high as short hair. The reason for choosing to cut short and long hair is for public welfare. In order to send greetings to cancer patients, she donated her long hair. Donations to help public welfare.

Mai with short hair
 In Mai’s private photos, we found that she is also a true Rolex fan. On many occasions, she wears a Rolex Daytona 116509-0072, and she can even wear different styles with different dresses. Let’s follow this “billion” heroine today and learn how to use the same Rolex to match different styles!

Mai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 With a contoured suit, the overall style is mainly capable, but Mai chose a more contoured version when choosing a blazer. The overall is more casual, with a Rolex Daytona even more points in detail.

In another private photo of Mai, we found Mai wearing a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 The same watch, how to show different styles through wear, can find the answer for us from Mai’s wear. Choose a more slim knit top and skirt, plus a beret of the same color, and you can wear a thick coat in winter, which is both warm and elegant. In the choice of watches, I still chose this Rolex Daytona, which has a little more rashness in the elegance of elegant women.

 Private photos posted by Mai on personal social platforms

 When observing Mai’s private photos, her little trick to create her fashion sense is to use a variety of small accessories to enhance the overall. Hats, large metal accessories and watches. Her style also tends to be tough and modern, with a blazer, minimalist top and short hair as her signature.

We can see her wearing this watch in photos on multiple occasions

Mai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 From the photos she posted on the social platform, even if no photos of the front of the watch were released, we can accurately distinguish from the details of the strap that this is a Rolex watch. Her friends also like Rolex. In another photo, Mai’s friend wore a Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost).

The picture shows the Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost)

The man in the picture is wearing a Patek Philippe Sports Series 5712 / 1A-001 watch (nautilus)

 May like the same person to be friends? Mai, who prefers male watches, loves Rolex Daytona, and her friends also like sports models and tool watches. This ‘billion heroine’ who likes Daytona’s style of wearing and choosing the taste of the watch is very much to my heart. For her face and watch products, she must be a fan!

Rado Opens The World’s Largest Direct Sales Store In Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi

RADO’s new direct-operated store opened in Beijing, China on April 14, 2016. The new direct-operated store occupies an area of ​​192 square meters, with an open layout and design atmosphere. It deserves to become the world’s largest direct-operated flagship store of Rado.

 RADO’s new direct-operated store is located in the heart of the well-known Wangfujing commercial district in Beijing. It presents a new selection of Swiss Rado watches that can not be missed. It also has a special RADO service. center. In addition to the classic best-selling models such as the RADO True Series and Coupole series, there are also the dynamic and chic HyperChrome series watches launched in recent years, and the Centrix crystal inspired by the romantic love story of Chinese Tanabata Festival. Cui series of open core watches for consumers to choose carefully. The new direct store is integrated with Beijing Oriental Plaza, the largest and most iconic commercial complex in Asia.

 The overall design of the Swiss Radar Oriental Xintiandi Store is chic and elegant. It combines black crystal elements with wood grain elements with a warm texture to create a luxurious and warm shopping atmosphere for consumers. Both local customers and foreign tourists can explore. The new RADO series. The new direct store is located at No. 1 Oriental Plaza, East Changan Street, Beijing. We will be waiting for you from 10am to 10pm every day.