What Is Global Warranty? What If Tissot Does Not Represent Global Warranty?

What is the watch global warranty?
  1. Global UNPROFOR means that watch repair and maintenance can be performed at dealers, specialty stores, legally authorized designated repair centers, etc. all over the world. But be sure to confirm the legal identity of the repair shop, otherwise, the more repair the watch, the greater the fault.
  2. Repair with watch’s ID card, unique number, and invoice. Human damage is not free.
  3. There will be different charging standards for cleaning, maintenance and polishing.
  4. The accessories that need to be replaced after the warranty is charged according to the standard.
  What is the global warranty for buying Tissot watches domestically?
  It is a global warranty, and domestic purchases need two chapters: the merchant’s chapter and Tissot’s authorized blue small round chapter.
  What should I do if I encounter a Tissot watch bought at a counter and not give it a global warranty?
  Many friends, like you, have misunderstandings about the after-sales repair and maintenance issues after purchasing a Tissot watch. In addition, some sales staff have deliberately misled customers. As a result, many people cannot enjoy the quality warranty services. Explain it to everyone. This explanation has been confirmed by official maintenance outlets to ensure its authenticity.
  Tissot watches are brands of the Swiss Swatch Group, which means that after-sales maintenance of Tissot watches is not independent, and the correct statement is after-sales warranty maintenance of all Swatch watches. The following explanation uses Tissot as an example, but it also applies to all other brands of the Swatch Group.
  Tissot’s after-sales service is divided into two types, one is the official designated maintenance center of the Swatch Group, and the other is the designated local maintenance outlet. The official maintenance center refers to Shanghai Neuchâtel Watch Service Center Co., Ltd. (which is often referred to as the Neuchâtel Swiss Watch Repair Center). It has a headquarters in China and four branches. They are Shanghai (Head Office), Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu. These five repair centers are responsible for repairing all brands of watches under the Swatch Group, of course, including Tissot watches. The repair scope is global warranty (genuine watches sold in all countries and regions including mainland China) and nationwide warranty. Warranty with warranty card. Special attention should be paid to the warranty concept of the watch, which only guarantees the movement, and the appearance is not covered by the warranty.
  The designated repair outlets only accept repairs for Tissot watches sold in the local area. For example, the designated repair outlets in Beijing can only guarantee watches sold by authorized counter outlets in Beijing, subject to the merchant’s sales stamp on the warranty card. Those who have no designated maintenance outlets in other regions can only go to Neuchâtel in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu for joint warranty (global, national joint warranty). The warranty requires a warranty card, which has two chapters, a Tissot factory-exclusive stamp, and an authorized specialty store (cabinet) sales chapter. The name of the merchant on the store (counter) chapter can be found on the brand’s official website. If it is not authorized, it can not be found. This needs to be stamped clearly. Without the sales badge of the merchant, it becomes a parallel imports, not only can not wait for the free warranty, but also can not guarantee that it is authentic.) The bar code on the tag can find out which specialty store your watch is selling.
  The author also noticed a special place, that is, the warranty cards in different countries and regions are not exactly the same, and the warranty cards of genuine watches sold abroad may not always have the factory blue stamp of the watch, but they have not been reasonable by the official repair center Explanation.
  The most important thing is that Tissot does not authorize any merchant to sell Tissot watches online, that is to say, Tissot watches are not allowed to be sold online, so the official after-sales service center has regulations that Tissot watches purchased online will not be given a warranty. If you are shopping online or purchasing from overseas, do n’t say you bought it online when you go for warranty. Also, don’t believe the counter inspection by the merchant, the counter inspection is just nonsense. At present, high-fidelity watches are not those that can be identified by the salespersons in the counters. The official repair centers use equipment and machinery for identification.
  All in all, the global warranty that e-commerce merchants or physical store sales people often say is completely incorrect. This is very different from the other global warranty concepts of independent brand watches. Do n’t misunderstand. Like the above situation, if the watch is purchased at an authorized counter, only the local authorized designated repair outlets and Neuchâtel watch repair centers are responsible for free warranty. If it is purchased through online shopping, purchasing, Haitao, etc., you can only perform free warranty and maintenance at the five Neuchatel watch repair centers mentioned above, and any designated repair outlet in China is not responsible.