Won Di Lierba, What Does This Woman Rely On?

In autumn, major brands and fashion weeks alternate show. In the Durgaban Namiland station, Chinese actor Dili Reba stood on the runway and walked the runway for the brand, but was grabbed by another Asian on the same stage. Everyone was taken away by this girl. Who is she? What does it rely on?

Mai Davika
 She is Mai Davika (Davika Horne, hereinafter referred to as Mai for short). In the big show of Dolce & Gabbana, she wore a black and white spotted suit and she sucked countless powders. The built-in aura and three-dimensional features are particularly eye-catching, leading many people to think that she is a model. But in fact, her better known identity is Thailand’s ‘billion female heroines’. The highest box office of the film ‘Ghost Father’ starring her has reached 1 billion. She is very well-known in Thailand and now has a unique temperament internationally And its superb ability to control fashion is also well known by more and more people.

Mai Davika

 The reason why Mai can get such a good development in the world by virtue of fashion, of course, has its own unique temperament. She is a mixed race of Belgium and Thailand, so her facial features are more three-dimensional than other Asians; her height advantage is also prominent on the runway. Her height of 175 drives her fashion as much as a professional model.

Long Hair Mai
 Mai used to have long hair, although it is also very beautiful, but the recognition is not as high as short hair. The reason for choosing to cut short and long hair is for public welfare. In order to send greetings to cancer patients, she donated her long hair. Donations to help public welfare.

Mai with short hair
 In Mai’s private photos, we found that she is also a true Rolex fan. On many occasions, she wears a Rolex Daytona 116509-0072, and she can even wear different styles with different dresses. Let’s follow this “billion” heroine today and learn how to use the same Rolex to match different styles!

Mai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 With a contoured suit, the overall style is mainly capable, but Mai chose a more contoured version when choosing a blazer. The overall is more casual, with a Rolex Daytona even more points in detail.

In another private photo of Mai, we found Mai wearing a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 The same watch, how to show different styles through wear, can find the answer for us from Mai’s wear. Choose a more slim knit top and skirt, plus a beret of the same color, and you can wear a thick coat in winter, which is both warm and elegant. In the choice of watches, I still chose this Rolex Daytona, which has a little more rashness in the elegance of elegant women.

 Private photos posted by Mai on personal social platforms

 When observing Mai’s private photos, her little trick to create her fashion sense is to use a variety of small accessories to enhance the overall. Hats, large metal accessories and watches. Her style also tends to be tough and modern, with a blazer, minimalist top and short hair as her signature.

We can see her wearing this watch in photos on multiple occasions

Mai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116509-0072

 From the photos she posted on the social platform, even if no photos of the front of the watch were released, we can accurately distinguish from the details of the strap that this is a Rolex watch. Her friends also like Rolex. In another photo, Mai’s friend wore a Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost).

The picture shows the Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost)

The man in the picture is wearing a Patek Philippe Sports Series 5712 / 1A-001 watch (nautilus)

 May like the same person to be friends? Mai, who prefers male watches, loves Rolex Daytona, and her friends also like sports models and tool watches. This ‘billion heroine’ who likes Daytona’s style of wearing and choosing the taste of the watch is very much to my heart. For her face and watch products, she must be a fan!