You Are The Coolest Child Wearing It. Mido’s New Helmsman Watch Is On The Market.

At the end of the year, there are always many things to worry about. In addition to preparing new year’s goods, the most important thing is of course how to deal with relationships with respect. Of course, singles can’t avoid being asked to date each other. The birth of children is very good for those who have children, and they have begun preparing for winter vacation. No matter what, the inner panic should be light and light, even thinking about something tricky. Then the newly released Mido Helmet series observatory certified long kinetic automatic mechanical watch can help you, and wearing it is the coolest puppet in the whole street. This watch is currently sold in major Mido authorized stores across the country. We have also learned that the Mido Specialty Store in Shenyang Middle Street is in stock, and friends who like it may wish to try it on.

   By this month, the winter in the north is cold and I dare not stay outside, let alone look at the cold metal strap watch, I have no courage to get started. This Mido helmsman series observatory certified long kinetic automatic watch Using a rubber strap, the surface is combined with fabric materials, and it is naturally comfortable to use. At the same time, it is not afraid of water, so it can be worn in summer and it is suitable all year round.

   There are two choices for watches, the main difference is only the difference in the color of the strap, but this difference represents two styles, one is more low-key, the other is more energetic, but it will also pay more attention to collocation.

   Both watches are equipped with the Mido Caliber 80 fully automatic movement certified by the Observatory, and use a silicon spring, which is more outstanding in terms of shock resistance, accuracy and anti-magnetic properties than conventional movements. Through the penetrating design, we can see the movement at a glance, the pleasing decoration, and the iconic Si mark, all make this movement attract attention.

   The stripes on the dial are the hallmark elements of the Helmsman series, giving the dial a strong sense of gloss and highlighting the sense of hierarchy. The indication at six o’clock highlights the high technicality of this watch. The watch also has a luminous function, the day and date display function, can be adjusted quickly, so the functionality is also relatively rich and practical.

   In general, this watch has reached a very good level in terms of appearance and performance. It is one of the most technically beautiful watches, and it is very handsome. Since its listing, this watch has been unanimously agreed by watch friends. favorite. Among all Mido watches on sale, this is also one of the most personalized watches. If you like young, sporty and high-performance watches, you can buy one.

This quotation is collected on January 16, 2019. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.

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