Feng Yicai Won The Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award

Yesterday afternoon, the 22nd Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards was held at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing. Montblanc awarded the grand prize this year to Feng Jicai, vice chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, and well-known writer. Chairman of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation, well-known pianist Lang Lang, well-known actors Zhao Wenxun, Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni, and many other elites and celebrities in the art world also came to the scene, together with Montblanc International’s CEO Bai Luci and Montblanc Asia-Pacific Chairman and President Together with Zhan Zhao’an, he paid high tribute to Feng Yecai, who made an important contribution to the protection of Chinese cultural heritage.

 Feng Xicai said in an interview with reporters: ‘What the cultural community has to do is to awaken the public’s awareness of cultural values. This is a very large project. It can not be achieved only by personal ability. It must be mobilized for the whole people. The protection of cultural heritage has become a consensus. ‘For more than a decade, as an advocate and leader of the rescue project of Chinese folk cultural heritage, Feng Ji has taken the initiative to travel the mountains and rivers of the motherland, leading everyone to carry out a lot of hard folk culture. Census, and the establishment of the first intangible cultural heritage protection data center in China, which has recorded millions of words of textual data, hundreds of thousands of pictures, Thousands of hours of recording materials and thousands of hours of video materials, and its persistent appeal and enthusiasm have made people realize the value of ancient Chinese culture. In addition, in order to better protect traditional Chinese culture, Feng Jicai also founded the ‘Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation’.

 The Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards was established in 1992 to promote the development of global culture and arts, and has honored more than a hundred outstanding art patrons worldwide. Yesterday, Feng Yuncai donated a 15,000 euro bonus to Zheng Yunfeng, a famous photographer and known as the “Soul of the Three Gorges”. Feng Xucai said: “Artists cannot change history, but they can sublime life, compensate for the spirit, record the times, and comfort the soul. All this Zheng Yunfeng did it all. He is a true cultural hero. It is him and not me who deserves this award. ‘It is understood that Zheng Yunfeng kept this true face that nurtured the mother river of the Chinese nation before the Yangtze River intercepted and stored water. Taking out all his fortune, which took more than 30 years, took hundreds of thousands of photos, retained the image of life on the Yangtze River, and left us a true, three-dimensional, and complete Three Gorges. Feng Yun was impressed by Zheng Yunfeng’s dedication, He has repeatedly provided support and assistance to Zheng Yunfeng through the Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation. At the event site, the participants also visited the leading project of “Rescue Project” advocated by Feng Xicai—the Rescue Project of Chinese Woodcut New Year Paintings. It is reported that the application of Chinese woodcut new year pictures to declare the world’s intangible cultural heritage was organized by Feng Jicai in 2011 and has been officially launched. Feng Xicai said: ‘This is just the beginning. I hope that China’s colorful folk culture and art can be fully protected, inherited and developed.’

Representation Of Taste Style Tasting Rolex Date Series Gold Steel Diamond Watch

In 1945, with the beginning of a new era of prosperity, Rolex launched a log series. The first log-type has been the first to be equipped with a waterproof function, with a streamlined design and a calendar display on the surface. A few years later, Cyclops eye was added to the crystal surface of the watch, which has since become a symbol of Rolex’s generation.

  With its elegant design and calendar with a small window convex lens, the date type has become one of the most recognizable watches in the world. Today, the Watch House brings you a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Series watch. The official model of the watch is 116234-63603 black calcium carbide.

  The recognition rate of the Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch is very high whether it is a male or female model. A round case with a diameter of 36 mm, a simple three-pin design, and a sapphire crystal glass with a calendar window enlarged 2.5 times the original size. The beveled triangle design of the bezel, these remarkable features have been widely praised since its inception and are still in use today. The Oyster case is an important basis for Rolex’s prestigious reputation and outstanding performance. The material is Rolex’s exclusive gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold). The outer ring is set with a circle of beautiful diamonds, full of luxury.

  The double-locked winding crown design is simple and practical. The double-locking device ensures that the screw-in crown is completely waterproof, with a depth of 100 meters and clear edges and corners. The crown shape on the crown is wrapped in 18k yellow gold, showing Rolex’s grasp of details Excellence.

  The strap adopts a Rolex commemorative strap with smooth lines and a comfortable wearing commemorative strap consisting of five rows of metal chain links. This strap is specially designed for the Oyster Perpetual Diary, launched in 1945, and is also made of gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold).

  Viewed from the side without the crown, this watch is relatively thin, not heavy, and comfortable to wear.

  Rolex’s unique oyster buckle is equipped with the Rolex brand logo, and the new generation of the crown buckle’s switch folding buckle is subtly hidden completely under the Rolex crown-shaped operation buckle, which is integrated with the strap.

  The design of the log-type lugs is relatively short. In order to better match the flexibility of the chain strap, the lugs are more like a part of the bracelet, integrated with the stainless steel on the bracelet, which is very comfortable to wear.

  The black commemorative dial uses 10 top diamonds as the hour marker. It blends with the calendar display window at three o’clock and the small crown logo at twelve o’clock. It looks very luxurious.

  The bottom case of this watch uses a screw-in caseback and is equipped with cal.3135 movement with the title of the king of self-winding movement. Cal.3135 is the most basic movement of Rolex. Its stability is absolutely necessary. Doubtful, the movement diameter is 28.5 mm, thickness is 6 mm, swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, 31 rubies, power reserve is 50 hours, instant jump calendar, four-arm Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, 2 of which are adjustable Weight, Breguet balance spring, kif suspension device.

  Summary: Even though there are noble and magnificent brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Patek Philippe, etc., Rolex is still loved by the public of all levels, Warren Buffett often wears a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar watch. Excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, combining noble, elegant and unique temperament, the log type has become the representative of taste style with its classic design. The current quote for this watch is 142,500 RMB. (Picture / text watch home Dong Hang)

2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Supertrofeo Challenge Shanghai Open

This afternoon, the roar of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing engine rang through the Shanghai International Circuit, setting off the second season of the Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge. Drivers from 11 countries and regions in Asia gathered for a common racing dream and driving passion, and started a fierce and fierce competition.

 The No. 9 car, driven by Chinese driver Jiang Xin and Italian driver Max Wiser, started in the last place, but continued to overtake with excellent performance, and completed the final overtaking 7 minutes before the end of the race. Completed 26 laps and won the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge first round. The 44th car, driven by Italian driver David Rizzo and Hong Kong driver William Lok, performed well in qualifying, starting in pole position, and finishing second in 6.257 seconds. The first group runner-up was Japanese driver Akihiko Nakaya who drove the No. 10 car with a score of 52 minutes 5 seconds 948.

 In the second group, the No. 7 car driven by two young Chinese drivers, Zhang Zhendong and Xu Pengkai, started in the third place. Although he lost to the thirteenth place in the race, he finally relied on tacit cooperation and finally The full sprint of the stage turned the tide and won the second group championship. Italian driver Stefano Montesi, who drives No. 1 car, and Taiwanese driver George Chou, who drives No. 24 car, and Japanese driver Ida Masahiko, respectively, finished second and third.

 The grouping of the participating teams depends on the average results of the two qualifying races before the official competition, and teams with similar results are included in the same group. This makes each round of the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge more challenging and exciting.

 “Today’s first round injects unlimited passion into the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge,” said Mr. Maurizio Reggiani, member of the board of directors and director of R & D of Lamborghini Automobile Co., Ltd. It’s just a motorsport, it’s also a platform for Lamborghini to show an uncompromising spirit and an extraordinary driving experience. Today, the glory of this chasing is shining in the eyes of every driver. ‘

 Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain also said, ‘The second season of the Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge has also opened a new chapter for Blancpain. Products with long-lasting quality assurance, a high level of innovation and the highest level of craftsmanship are perfectly combined with stylish motorsport. ‘

 The 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge welcomed more teams to participate. That is, after the first race in Shanghai, 20 teams from Asian countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka will continue to race at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia, South Korea’s Renji Automobile Theme Park Circuit, Japan’s Fuji International Circuit, and China’s Shanghai International Circuit started a speedy hegemony, and eventually competed for the annual championship at the Toward Ocean Circuit in Macau, China. This season, drivers from India and Sri Lanka joined the competition for the first time; at the same time, South Korea will host the first race, and the Renji Automobile Theme Park track will bring fresh and exciting track experience to the participants.

 New season car-Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013 is equipped with a new aerodynamic package. It can achieve aerodynamic efficiency improvement of more than 120%, improved front brake cooling effect of more than 50%, better aerodynamic balance, and a high / low downforce setting of 160 kg / 128 kg. The new car also adds a 10-way adjustment of the rear wing, further improving high-speed handling performance.

 The first group of champion drivers, Max Wiser, said: ‘The Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge provides a good platform for amateurs. The new car, equipped with a new aerodynamic package, provides excellent downforce at high speeds. This made me better performance on the Shanghai F1 track. ‘Zhang Zhendong, the second group of champion drivers, also said:’ The improvement of the new car can make straight-line acceleration and high-speed turning more confident.

 Indian driver Johnson Yaptonaga, who participated in the Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge for the first time, was extremely satisfied with the experience of the race: ‘In the first race, I experienced the prestigious Shanghai International Circuit The track and the extreme new models have made my first entry experience fun. ‘

2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge Shanghai

The winner of the first round:

First group:
Max Wiser / Jiang Xiang
Davide Rizzo
Akihiko Nakaya

Second Group
Xu Pengkai / Zhang Zhendong
Stefano Montesi
George Chou / Ida Masahiko

Edox Sharp Black Perspective Hollow Out Beauty-news Edox

EDOX, a professional watchmaking brand inherited from the family, has created countless classic models over 130 years. The latest Open Vision Automatic watch is a series of Les Bemonts. Stunning watch.

EDOX Les Bemonts Open Vision Automatic

This Les Bemonts Open Vision Automatic has a new elegant case design. The hollow design at 6 o’clock reveals the movement and beauty of the balance wheel of the movement. Appreciate the beauty of its craftsmanship. The back case is also completely transparent, revealing the Swiss automatic movement.

 EDOX Les Bemonts Open Vision Automatic ultra-thin automatic skeleton watch at 6 o’clock position of the hollow design reveals the movement of the balance wheel movement and beauty

Water-resistant to 30 meters, 42mm stainless steel case; 180 degree rotation of the movement, and the crown position on the left side is more comfortable to wear, Swiss Ido watch creates a perfect, stylish watch for any occasion. EDOX is a professional watch factory. It originated in Les Geneves (the birthplace of Swiss watches) in the heart of the Jurassic Mountains. Founded in 1883, after 130 years of history, it has become the leading position in the Swiss watch industry and has created countless excellence. Classic watch.

Timewalker Montblanc Watch

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, people travel to and from different time zones more and more frequently, and the demand for watches in both places and World Time is also increasing. This is a time journey across time zones. The new TimeWalker series and day and night chronographs are new and interesting. They have attracted widespread attention. Two media reporters also asked how to operate the time zone function after the conference. Noisy all the way from the venue to the cafe.

In addition, Montblanc Villeret 1858 series is also the first time to enter the women’s market, launched the classic small three-pin ladies watch, jewellery ladies watch, and ‘For Him & Her’ special edition pair of watches for sale. At the same time, with the launch of the Star Classique series rose gold diamond automatic ladies watch, the Star Classique series also has a male and female pair watch. ‘The emergence of watch is an important thing for Montblanc this year.’ Brand related personnel said.

On this SIHH, MONTBLANC also opened up a lot of space to express the brand’s appreciation and support for art. The exhibition ‘Selected Works of MONTBLANC’s Avant-garde Art Series’ was held in the venue. This exhibition brought together dozens of people who have a great influence in the art world The work of deep avant-garde artists, each artist interprets MONTBLANC’s iconic white hexagon with their own visual vocabulary and creative methods. Due to the existence of these diverse works, the interior of MONTBLANC’s venues looks colorful and unique.

Hublot Launches Mp-06 High Jewellery Rectangle Diamond Tourbillon Watch

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, launched the Tourbillon Watch MP-06 High Jewellery Full Baguette with reference number 906.OX.9000.LR.9904. This watch is a combination of fine watchmaking and high-end watches, which is highly recognizable and can be regarded as a luxurious work that shows wealth and prosperity.
   From the King Gold case, the skeletonized movement to the King Gold buckle, it is full of baguette-cut diamonds, a total of 520 pieces and a total weight of 36.67 carats! The self-made skeleton tourbillon movement with full paving diamonds adds the attributes of Swiss fine watchmaking. This watch is expected to sell for about $ 805,000.
   Wearing this watch is hard to imagine. As the name suggests, the watch is paved with white studded diamonds, most of which are concentrated on the barrel-shaped case (approximately 45 mm x 51 mm), bezel and ring, a total of 412 pieces. It weighs about 28.33 carats. These watch components are made of Hublot’s patented 18K King Gold and polished.
   Through the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, you can admire the skeleton movement in the case. The bridge of the movement is ‘X’ shaped, set with 75 baguette white diamonds and weighs about 3.47 carats. Metal-effect Hublot logo on sapphire lenses. Similarly, the 18K king gold and polished buckle clasps are set with 36 rectangular white diamonds set in Paris studs, weighing approximately 4.87 carats.
   This is not only a high-end jewelry watch, but also a fine watchmaking creation. The case is equipped with a HUB9006 Hublot-made hollow tourbillon manual winding mechanical movement. This movement is assembled from 155 parts, contains 19 gems, and vibrates at 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz). Provides a 120-hour power reserve.
   The Hublot MP-06 Tourbillon Baguette with Diamonds and Diamonds has a black inlaid crocodile leather-lined rubber strap with a polished king gold folding clasp and buttons.

Franck Muller Watchland Was Awarded ‘prix De L’ Industrie’

At the sixth annual economic conference co-organized by BCGE, CCIG and OCSTAT, Franck Muller Watchland was jointly awarded ‘Prix de l’Industrie’ by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG) and the Office of Industrial Promotion (OPI) prize.
‘Prix de l’Industrie’ was first established by the city of Geneva in 1985. Its purpose is to recognize and promote Geneva’s production-oriented enterprises, working towards the goals of excellence, innovation and keeping ahead in their field . The 2008 ‘Prix de l’ Industrie’ reflects recognition of the achievements of Franck Muller Watchland Group.
Vartan Sirmakes and Franck Muller founded the Franck Muller Group in 1992, and this company has now become one of the most important companies in the field of fine watchmaking.

Vartan Sirmakes, CEO and co-founder of the FranckMuller Group, took this award from the chairman of the jury, Jean-Luc Favre, and addressed:
‘We are very proud that we have been able to receive this award. This is recognition of the hard work of our entire excellent team over the years. However, it is also a strong support and encouragement for the new strategy that our group will develop in the next few years. We must be We will continue to work for Geneva, and we will continue to produce 100% Swiss-made watches with passion. ‘
The Franck Muller Group has fourteen production locations throughout Switzerland, most of which are located in Geneva, with more than 1,000 employees. The Franck Muller brand has acquired more than fifty patented technologies in the seventeen years since its birth, which fully reflects their creativity, innovative thinking and their accumulation of knowledge in the field of high-end watches.
Source: FranckMuller Watchland SA

Le William Appeared In The 25th Anniversary Of Legendary Time Travel In Handan New Century Heavenly Watch

After the legendary time of 1/4 century, Tianwang Watch joined hands with popular idol and half-blood prince Li William, and held a grand birthday ceremony and new legendary series launch conference in Handan New Century, officially launching Tianwang Watch The fourth leg of the 25th Anniversary Legendary Time Tour.

 At the launch event of the new series of the legendary series of King of the Kings, Li Williams made a handsome appearance in a light gray British style suit, accompanied by his tough and handsome model figure, showing the elegant and charming princely style. As a special guest of the 25th Anniversary of Legendary Time Travel · Handan New Century Station, Li William will be presented with a new series of legendary watches presented by Mr. Deng Guanglei, the general manager of the timepiece investment Co., Ltd. The watch is elegant and retro design, without losing the atmosphere and noble style, ingeniously interpreted the 25-year legendary design concept and watchmaking technology of Utopia. Regarding this award-winning legendary series of watches, Li William, who loves collecting watches, did not conceal his love. During the question and answer session of the reporter, he mentioned from time to time about the relationship with the Utopus and the watch. Show and share the style of this legendary series of watches to media friends at the scene.

  After the press conference, in the new century in Handan, although the sky was drizzling, it still couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of the fans at the scene. Many fans held their fan cards waiting for them. The scene was crowded. The recent appearance of Li William, who has recently starred in the latest film ‘Time Lovers’, instantly lit the scene and excited many fans waiting. Fans of Handan learned that Li Williams particularly liked the Uranus watch, so it also took three days and three nights to create a golden model of the Uranus legendary series. William’s affection. In the process of interaction with the host, Li William also expressed his best wishes for the 25th anniversary of the creation of Utopus, and wished the future cooperation between Utopus and Handan in the new century to be more brilliant. Finally, Li William and Mr. Zhu Hanyi, deputy general manager of Sunshine Group, and Mr. Deng Guanglei, market general manager of Jibao Investment Co., Ltd. pressed the laser ball. The laser ball turned and displayed the ‘Legend · Genesis’ subtitles, which means that Tianwang Watch and Handan In the new century, we will work together to create a legendary future. At the same time, Prince William also perfectly witnessed the fourth leg of the legendary time journey of the 25th anniversary of UO.

 After the on-site activities, Li William also visited the Tianwang Watch counter under the guidance of the Tianwang Watch and the new century leaders of Handan, and left his autograph on the lightbox film of the Tianwang Watch counter.

 It is understood that the next stop of the 25th Anniversary of Legendary Time Tour will be held in Zhengzhou, the legend continues, so stay tuned.

 Utopus Legend Series

 The whole body stainless steel design, with its elegant and timeless charm, is designed with the unique design of the ‘T’ in the design of the combination ring and the strap. The clever and unique design shows the wisdom. Gain insight into subtle laws, seek success, and win the life of a legend.
Li Williams unveiled the 25th Anniversary of Legend Time in Handan

Model: GS5722T / DD
 Series: Legend Series
 Body: stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel and electric gold handle, perspective twist bottom.
 Strap: stainless steel solid core steel strap electric gold, double press solid turtle back buckle
 Mirror: Sapphire glass
 Dial: white
 Movement: Imported high-quality automatic mechanical movement
 Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour indication, calendar
 Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof

Military Training Essentials Most In Most Wild Watches Recommended

Wearing a square watch wearing a thin watch
  Fortunately, this year’s weather is not hot enough, otherwise there will be no few standing in military posture. Fortunately, China has reached the international level in militarized education, and its training intensity is the same. There is no doubt that foreign students also have military training to walk away from the square array and stand as an essential part of military posture. One word ‘forbearance’. However, this is also the time to test the willpower, wearing a thin watch, as if nothing at the same time, full of presence in front of the instructor. Of course, this watch must be waterproof, otherwise you stand carefully for half an hour and return to the dormitory to see your watch stop and you will cry.

推荐 Watch Recommendation: Tissot-Classic T033.410.11.053.00 Men’s Quartz Watch
The classic model is always the fashionable model. The Tissot Classic series men’s watch is the ideal choice to meet this demand. The movement and appearance, the inner and outer relationship between the inside and the outside, realize the intelligent fusion of exquisiteness and simplicity. The gears of the complex core parts of the watch are precisely meshed and faithfully record the time immortal. In appearance, it pays homage to minimalist philosophy, expressing the desire for simplicity and purity in the hustle and bustle city with a straight outline.
Tissot Classic T033.410.11.053.00 Men’s Watch
Series: Classic Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Size: 38.0mm, thickness: 7.4mm
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
Function: Date display

Orienteering Are you mind flow or technology flow
最好 The most fun part of military training is orienteering, where several people are grouped together and go to the command destination according to the command. Usually, timing and rewards and punishments are required. Want to get No.1? Quite simply, using a watch with its own compass function can be used to understand the northeast and southwest in the simplest way. If you think this method is too low-end, then you can wear a watch with only three large hands. The method is to set a toothpick or a match, a twig, a needle, etc. on the shaft of the hand in the center of the watch to make the watch level Put it right, the shadow of the toothpick under the sun coincides with the hour hand, then the middle of the angle between the hour hand and 12 o’clock is the north! The method is to speak slowly, and finally innocently say to them, ‘Don’t you know it’s that simple?’ Guarantee you and your instructors will be stunned!

 Recommended watches: Mido Belocelli M8600.4.26.8 men’s mechanical watch
Simplicity without losing the strong shock is always the concept of Mido creation. This watch takes advantage of the mixing of sounds: the lines and curves of the watch look so permanent and classic, and the movement becomes more precise at the same time. Mechanical movement is more rhythmic and powerful. There are no tedious design shadows, only implicit expression. Elegant and exquisitely coordinated on this watch. The stainless steel case depicts beautiful curves, while extending the edges to show a spectacular angle, making the entire watch like a touchable bezel. The front and back of the sapphire mirror are coated with anti-glare coating, and the unique Aquadura sealed crown system protects the crown (the wine bottle’s stopper will never deform), and it is waterproof to 50 meters. The movement and the automatic top are carefully modified by the Mido factory, with a transparent background at a glance. The watch is fully elegant on the wrist.
Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 Men’s Watch
Reference price: 5600
Series: BARONCELLI series, men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement, model: ETA2824-2
Case: stainless steel
Size: 38mm, thickness: 9mm
Table bottom: through bottom
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display

Gathering whistle in the dark
最 The most hateful military training in history exists. After all, no one wants to be awakened by a sharp whistle in a sweet sleep, and then get up, put on clothes, pack a quilt … But fortunately, wearing a watch with luminous can make you panic In the dark, Zhong also accurately finds your instructors and queues. Believe me, no matter how beautiful or handsome your instructor is, she can never radiate the glory of an angel. 3 minutes late? Wrong team? Good, 50 push-ups, start.

Watch recommendation: Casio CASIO-EDIFICE series EF-544D-1AVUDF men’s quartz watch

CASIO gentleman-style EDIFICE three-eye chronograph diamond watch is bright and unique. Emphasizing unique personal taste, the EDIFICE series models of the Yara multi-function watch are expressive personal tastes. The innovative dial features bright diamond design and the Yaku texture. The elegant and introverted basic 100 models can easily create a stylish style Male style.

Casio EDIFICE series EF-544D-1AVUDF men’s watch
Reference price: $ 1490
Series: EDIFICE series, men’s watch
Movement: quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Size: 40mm, thickness: 10mm
Table mirror: mineral glass
Water resistance: 100 meters
Function: chronograph, luminous

Bonfire Party

温馨 The warm bonfire party is the first and last intimate contact between the instructor and the students. The watch does not need to be too delicate or artistic, as long as it can make that Ta, remember your youthful vigor and the best. The watch will accompany you into your busy learning new life, and accompany you to record your best time.

推荐 Watch recommendation: Swatch STORMY series SUUK400 watch

秋 swatch autumn and winter series watch with crazy years, street culture, midnight charm and illusion art, showing infinite appeal. The energetic feeling makes you the focus of attention. The classic engraving series offers a variety of choices in materials including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, silicone, leather, and new product series developed with mash-up materials.
Strap Material: Silicone
Case material: plastic
Function: date, luminous
Waterproof: 20 Bar

Liu Shishi’s Son: The Best Ending Of Siye And Ruoxi

(April 29, Beijing time) Today, Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi announced the good news on Weibo: children came to report, mother and son are safe. The poem that disappeared from the public sight for a while turned out to be awaiting labor and rest. The public only responded, and everyone sent a beautiful blessing.

Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi announced the good news of smooth production on Weibo

    ‘Liu Shishi’s son’ jumped to the top of the Weibo search list. In fact, since last year, Liu Shishi has greatly reduced her workload. In the latter part of last year, she only showed up at the scene of Omega brand activities. Still good. Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong got married because of the drama, and the popular TV series ‘Scared Everywhere’ made them meet and love each other. The two announced their marriage on January 20, 2015, and held a wedding in Bali on March 20, 2016. 2018 On December 20, Wu Qilong officially announced that Liu Shishi was pregnant.

On March 20, 2016, Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong held a wedding in Bali

Poems and Wu Qilong at the wedding scene were moved to tears (It’s so good to marry love)

After marriage, the two are often photographed by the media to travel together

Liu Shishi plays Ruo Xi and Wu Qilong plays Siye

The two also got together because of the drama ‘Scared Everywhere’
 As we know, Liu Shishi studied ballet from an early age, and after entering the entertainment industry, she is different from the ‘little fresh meat’ and ‘koi car’ that are suddenly hot nowadays. She also went from an unknown generation step by step to today. In ‘Xian Jian Qi Xia’, the dragon personality who plays dual personality, ‘Heart by Step’ is a complex-minded, changeable, but affectionate Marty Ruoxi, who played a generation in ‘The Legend of Female Doctor’ Well-known female national doctor Tan Yunxian … In 2013, Liu Shishi and three other young actresses were named the four new generations of China’s Four Little Flowers.

Liu Shishi’s ancient costume

 In her previous works, Liu Shishi is best known for her ancient costumes. With her gentle and gentle looks, and the natural elegance in her bones, in each role she played, she interpreted a style that belongs only to Liu Shishi.

Interpreting Liu Shishi with different styles in different roles

 Of course, Liu Shishi’s modern dramas are also very beautiful. I have seen Shi Shi herself. She is even more beautiful than her on the big screen. She does not shine, does not have a specific angle, and stands in the crowd with other people. Out of the ordinary. She was shining enough to be special, and it was unforgettable at a glance.

The recently aired TV series ‘If You Can Love This Way’

Liu Shishi plays Bai Kaoer in the play

 It may be because of learning ballet from an early age, whether behind or behind the stage, her manners have always maintained the best state. ‘Swan Shoulder’ is her label, calm and elegant as if born.

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

 I met Shi Shi in an interview. In June last year, it was estimated that the baby had not yet fallen on her. Shi Shi is actually more lively in private, with a playful little girl on her body. As an omega celebrity ambassador, she also has her own attitude towards the choice of watches: appearance, brand connotation and reliable quality, which coincides with omega. In October 2017, Omega officially announced Liu Shishi as the brand’s celebrity ambassador.

Omega advertising starring Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi wears Omega Constellation watch

 Omega chose Liu Shishi as the brand’s celebrity ambassador because she valued her influence and her elegance and unique temperament. In fact, their choice was very correct. Every time Shishi appeared at the brand event, it was very amazing. People said that Liu Shishi and Omega fit well.

Liu Shishi appeared at the Omega Constellation series exhibition site

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

 Shishi appeared in the public eye for the last time before production, and also participated in the Omega brand event in Shanghai. On October 24 last year, a red suit top and a red skirt were still elegant and charming.

Last October, Shishi Liu attended the Omega Brand Event

Four omega celebrity ambassadors inspired by commercials shot by Muse Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alexander Ambrosio and Liu Shishi

Omega Advertising Campaign with Liu Shishi

 Some people commented that Liu Shishi was like a glass of boiling water. It was a bit boring, but she couldn’t lose it. Yes, she is too low-key privately in the entertainment circle that flaunts her personality. During the rise of her career, she admits romance, marriage, and having children. She seems to have no interest in Vanity Fair. But she continues to bring us high-quality works, and her attempts in TV series and movies have been pretty good. This time, she is going to play a mother, and this role will never kill, I believe Shishi will be a competent, gentle and lovely mother. Bless Poems again, hard work!