Russian Style Tasting Tissot T-classic Stainless Steel Watch

Tissot, a Swiss watch brand founded in 1853, adheres to the concept of ‘innovation and tradition’ and has always maintained extraordinary quality and precision performance. Tissot watches in the Locke Collection show their elegant design with meticulous details. Today, the Watch House brings you an elegant and detailed Tissot T-CLASSIC watch, the official model: T41.1.483.53.

   The watch is paired with silver and black. Two purely restrained colors give the watch a subtle beauty. The simple dial and meticulous details give a refined elegance.

Tissot T-CLASSIC stainless steel watch

   The watch is made of high-quality stainless steel with a round case, which is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement that provides a 38-hour power reserve. The black dial of the watch displays the time and date and is water-resistant to 30 meters, which is very practical. The watch is paired with a stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle.

Exquisite round crown for comfort

   The round crown made of stainless steel is detailed with fine pits on the side, which is easy to grasp to adjust the function of the watch; the top of the crown has the Tissot letter ‘T’. The crown of the watch is carefully polished to make the tentacles round and comfortable to grasp.

Exquisitely arranged bracelet links

   The watch is equipped with a chain bracelet made of stainless steel. The bracelet links are short and arranged in seven rows. The bracelet combined by the carefully polished links is smooth and bright, showing the unique metal texture of stainless steel. . In addition, a folding clasp is attached to the strap.

The case is round and smooth with beautiful lines

   The round case has a diameter of 39.3 mm and a thickness of 9.75 mm. The case with a brushed finish and the bezel with a polished finish have distinct layers, showing a solid and solid metal texture. The surface of the case is smooth and the edges and corners are rounded due to careful polishing.

Black dial with simple style and delicate decoration

   The black dial of the watch has a simple and exquisite design, with a fine grid pattern in the center and a smooth ring on the outside. The dial is equipped with willow-shaped hands, with silver Roman numerals as the hour markers at the edges, and a white minute scale. The window is opened at three o’clock to display the date. In addition, the dial is decorated with the Tissot logo at 12 o’clock and the series name at 6 o’clock.

Clear date display at a glance

   The date is displayed in a square window at three o’clock on the dial, in the form of black Arabic numerals on a white background, and the difference between black and white makes the display very clear and clear.

Short lugs with rounded corners, delicate and cute

   The watch’s lugs are short and exquisite. They are cast in one piece with the case. The surface of the lugs is polished and rounded. The connection between the lugs and the case is ingeniously designed to connect naturally and beautifully. The lugs are slightly curved, allowing the watch to fit closer to the wrist.

Folding buckle is easy to open and close, easy to wear

   The folding buckle placed on the strap is equipped with a push-type opening device, which is easy to open and close, making it more convenient to wear. The Tissot logo is engraved on the buckle, highlighting the brand’s delicate treatment of details.

The bottom of the watch is elegant and beautiful, giving a sense of dignity

   This watch uses a back case that is engraved with the Tissot logo and exquisite ornamentation, which is distinguished and elegant. Through the transparent glass, you can see the automatic mechanical movement inside. The model of this movement is ETA 2824-2, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and it can provide a power reserve of 38 hours after full winding.

Summary: This watch is simple in design, exquisite workmanship, and equipped with an excellent and stable movement, it is an excellent watch. The watch’s elegant style is very suitable for elegant men. Wearing on the wrist can not only bring great convenience to life, but also highlight personal taste and highlight elegance. It is a watch that can be a faithful companion in life.

Van Cleef & Arpels Announces Fée Ondine Automatic Mechanical Puppet

At the 2017 SIHH event, VanCleef & Arpels is pleased to announce the first work of the Extraordinary Object series: Automate Fée Ondine. With years of unremitting creativity and close cooperation with François Junod, the master of automatic watches, the series has been fruitful and has gathered the exquisite craftsmanship of countless artisans.

Unique works fuse the tradition of jewellery and watchmaking, and continue the precious tradition of clockwork such as watch frames and table clocks, creating a new chapter for the family. The high-level complex mechanical mechanism affects various elements, and at the same time clearly tells the time, capturing the beauty of light and agile nature, the elegance of the fairy when she wakes up from her sleep, and the delicate colors of precious gems and enamels, showing the poetic flair. The family uses the most exquisite craftsmanship to inject vitality into the pearly and precious scene. Its imagination, dexterous creativity and craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation perfectly combine to create the Extraordinary Object series, exuding fantastic and wonderful charm.

Automate Fée Ondine Extraordinary Object

Above: engraved and enamel silver band, white K gold, rose K gold, diamond, pink sapphire; fairy: white K gold, diamond, sapphire, milky aquamarine, painted enamel; water lily: silver, enamel, yellow K gold, diamond , Yellow and orange sapphires; butterflies: white gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, Australian white opals; beetles: rose gold, white gold, diamonds, Transparent Mystery Set ™ concealed ruby ​​inlay; case back: ebony Wooden plywood; automatic mechanical device: manual winding mechanical movement, manual mechanical movable device. When the mechanical device is fully wound, it can complete 5 rounds of 50-second mechanical activities; watchmaking mechanical device: manual winding mechanical movement, retrograde hour hand, eight-day power reserve; unique Zhenpin.
Cooperation results
The creation of Automate Fée Ondine requires the gathering of top professional craftsmen from all walks of life. After VanCleef & Arpels finalized the idea of ​​this groundbreaking masterpiece, they invited 20 workshops in France and Switzerland to work together, including the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France) and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Live Witness of Historical Tradition) ) A titled craftsman. François Junod, a master of automatic watches from Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, completes his masterpieces with the assistance of gemstone craftsmen, jewellers, gem setters, enamelists and carpenters. A group of masters exchange and share their craftsmanship with each other day after day, each transcending their boundaries to meet the technical requirements of the work. Facing challenges from all directions, such as the micromechanical device that drives the fairy, or light enough to connect the petals of the movement. Behind the installation lies the unremitting research and development process of the craftsman, which is meticulous from design to finishing.

Adjusting the automatic mechanism, the bell and watch components are clearly visible

The family is very pleased to be able to smelt rare crafts together and achieve unique works. VanCleef & Arpels realizes the ideas originating from fantasy and turns it into the first Extraordinary Object. Under the careful care of the fairy Fée Ondine, it begins the human adventure.
Magic Wonderland
This elaborate masterpiece combines a counterclockwise display with manual mechanical movement to bring a double visual spectacle. On the ebony-colored case back, the Mystery Set ™ concealed ruby ​​ladybug moves slowly at any time. After reaching the 12 o’clock mark, the ladybug will fly back to the starting point and begin another half-day journey.
After the start of the automatic mechanism, a wonderful fairy tale of 50 seconds was performed: if the water lily leaves were blown by the breeze, they were the first to fluctuate in the lake with ripples. The crisp bells started to fall and the water lilies bloomed slowly. The fairy slowly awakened, looked up, and the delicate butterfly danced in the center of the corolla. The butterfly fluttered in the air, flapping its wings. After the butterfly dance, the butterfly returned to calm, the fairy went to dream, and the flicking water lily stopped.
The Fée Ondine
For the first time, Fée Ondine’s colorful appearance is outlined in white gold. After the craftsman cast the figure of the fairy by dewaxing, she replaced her with a flashing dance dress. Its corset and skirt are inlaid with sapphires in gradient colors and embellished with diamond headgear. The jeweler devoted his attention to carving the fairy beauty with her clever hands, and let her raise her hands to show the soft tone of the aquamarine, which exudes a charming temperament.

Set the aesthetic composition of the fairy wings before glazing

Fairy wings before and after glazing

The fairy’s vaguely transparent wings are also stained with a touch of azure blue, showing the excellent craftsmanship of stained glass enamel. The fairy inadvertently flaps its wings and flies, and the light penetrates the gemstones, refracting gorgeous shades such as navy blue and green pine. Multiple rows of brilliant-cut diamonds glow with extreme brilliance. Little fairy has hidden micro-mechanical devices, which drives her to dance slowly and smartly.
Water lily leaf
A large piece of water lily leaf is composed of about 60 metal strips, which ripples with the mechanical movement, forming the view above Automate Fée Ondine. The leaves are engraved with veins and decorated with gradient green enamel. Diamonds and pink sapphire flowers and delicate lotuses complement each other, taking you into a romantic wonderland.

Flower buds and a pink sapphire set on one of the enamel bands

One of the technical challenges of the work is to reduce the components of the automatic mechanical device as much as possible so that the components can swing with the operation of the device. The water lily petals are extremely thin, so they must be shaped precisely by hand before enamel glaze processing. Because the petals are three-dimensional and multi-faceted, and the metal may be deformed during burning, it shows the ingenuity of this final process. Artisans use special methods to paint, bringing out the gradient effect from pure white to pale pink.
The work is in the same vein as the family’s Papillon butterfly brooch. It is a true masterpiece of high-end jewelry. It requires detailed technical research to create light mechanical movement. The butterfly body is carefully designed to hide the mechanical device, while making the wings three-dimensional vivid, you can enjoy it from different angles. The butterfly wings carved with white opal are unfolded slowly from the glittering body, and the gems are carefully cut to retain the delicate beauty of the butterfly wings, which is particularly thin and charming. Among them, rose-cut diamonds are inlaid with lace-like meshwork, allowing people to fully appreciate the beauty of the gem. The bright colors of four pink sapphires and opals complement each other, sublime the soft and gentle gems.

Butterfly flapping test

Opal with white gold butterfly

Tuning White Wing Butterfly Protein

Mystery Set Mystery Set
The ladybug moves along the track of the hour hand, giving a magnificent look to the passing time. Its meticulous shape proportions are carefully displayed with Mystery Set ™ invisible mosaic technology. This technology is the classic feature that best represents the family. It can completely hide the metal base under the gemstone, highlighting the warm colors of ruby ​​and the deep velvety luster. Each gem is carved by hand into an arched surface, giving the surface of the jewelry a round and embossed effect, like a relief in one go; with diamond spots, the vivid look of a lucky ladybug.

Mystery Set Mystery Set

Swiss Watch Industry Without ‘core’ Battle

Speaking of the biggest worry of Switzerland and even some German small and medium-sized watchmakers in recent years, is the stop of the movement and the balance with the balance with hairspring. With specialized movement production, it is only these years that a large number of movements have been manufactured by third-party manufacturers for use by watchmakers. However, for those third-party movement manufacturers, key parts such as balance springs are still provided by professional manufacturers under the Swatch Group. The Swatch Group seems to think that manufacturing and supplying movements and spare parts to the entire industry is a losing trade. It was proposed two or three years ago to stop supplying movements by 2021, and to stop the supply of classified spare parts by 2025. The industry is full of ‘coreless’ worries.

 Here, we must briefly introduce that the Swiss watch industry is based on a professional division of labor. The movement factory specializes in movements, the dial factory specializes in dials, and the watch factory specializes in watch cases. Each professional factory is in its own field. Strive to be the best, and brand manufacturers capable in the field of product design and sales are responsible for selling products around the world. Thanks to such an organization, Switzerland not only defeated the early “mentors” of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even the United States, the rising challenger, but also maintained its advantage in the competition with its Japanese counterparts today. However, the current Swiss watch industry pattern has been formed after its dramatic changes in the 1970s and 1980s. In order to escape the crisis of bankruptcy in the entire industry, almost all dying mainstream spare parts companies have been integrated into the Swatch Group. At present, in addition to Swatch’s biggest competitors Richemont Group and LVMH Group’s high-end brands can be fully self-sufficient in movement and spare parts, most of the other watch manufacturers must rely on the support of many professional manufacturers under the Swatch Group. service.

 Although those watch manufacturers with strong capabilities, such as IWC, Breitling, Panerai, etc., have completed the development of their own cores, they must still use the machines purchased from ETA and other professional movement manufacturers in the entry product series. Heart, but even if Swatch stops supplying movements and spare parts, it will not be completely helpless. At the same time, with the financial strength and influence of Richemont, LVMH Group and Rolex (Tudor’s Tudor completely uses outsourced movements such as ETA to maintain price competitiveness), Swatch will not completely stop supplying parts and movements Yes, but at most it does not raise prices. For independent watch factories still struggling in the watchmaking industry, brands such as Athens and Plum Blossom must seriously consider how to survive after 2021 or 2025. As a result, many Swatch buyers of spare parts and movements brought the Swatch Group to the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) in the hope that it could veto Swatch’s decision to suspend supply.

 The latest result is that the Swiss Competition Commission failed Swatch’s decision. Although it stated ‘in principle, it agrees that the Swatch Group can reduce the supply of mechanical movements under certain conditions in stages’, but only allows Swatch Qi continues to reduce the supply of the entire movement, and the supply of spare parts only allows Swatch to reduce its supply by 5% per year on the basis of 2010. As to whether it can completely stop the supply of classified spare parts in 2025, we must discuss again . In this respect, both Swatch and the watchmaker must continue to bargain. After all, as long as the price is appropriate, the two sides will still reach a compromise.

 In fact, the global economic situation is not very good at present. A mature industry that is good at self-regulation such as the Swiss watchmaking industry will definitely not be willing to fight for both. However, those companies that directly compete with the Swatch Group in the market, such as plum blossom, must always be aware of Swatch’s use of various rules to ‘trip’ themselves, either implicitly or implicitly. Therefore, although the pressure to stop the supply of movements and spare parts has temporarily subsided, the smoke of fighting may rise at any time.

Bell & Ross Launches ‘br 01 10th Anniversary’ Limited Edition Watch

In 2005, a simple idea made the introduction of the BR 01: this idea is to turn a cockpit timepiece into a top-level aviation watch: reliable, powerful, accurate and easy to read. BR 01 turned gorgeously like magic, ‘from cockpit timepieces to watches’, subverting the aesthetic concept of modern watchmaking. Until now, Bell & Ross has developed more than 150 watches and 50 limited edition BR 01. This square watch series has also gradually become a showcase of watchmaking creativity (Tourbillon, Tourbillon chronograph, power reserve, skeleton, big date, GMT, chronograph) and innovative design (Flight Instruments, Heritage, Phantom, Skull, B-Rocket). To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this legendary model, Bell & Ross has launched a limited edition of 500 BR 01 anniversary models: ‘BR 01 10thAnniversary’.

Ceramic watch / High-tech ceramic case / Precision technology and extraordinary performance
Bell & Ross has always explored advanced technology from the industrial and military fields, giving the ‘BR 01 10thAnniversary’ modern feel to its high-tech ceramic case. To use a high-tech ceramic material to create a BR 01 means that the designer must rethink the already complicated case structure. The ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’ is modeled after the spacecraft’s head, and its ceramic case contains a steel ‘box-shaped section’, which is designed like a streamlined fuselage. The two are perfectly balanced, united into one and set off each other, while ceramics greatly enhance the elasticity of the case. This sophisticated case is equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding function, and its reliability has been tested repeatedly. The stainless steel case has been forged and micro-sprayed and engraved with the words ’10th Anniversary’.

BR 01, popular among purists
The square case of the BR 01 watch is simple and easy to identify, breaking the traditional watch design principles. Ten years ago, Bell & Ross demonstrated its cutting-edge creativity with this bold design, while solidifying the brand’s focus on practicality and functionality. Fighter pilots and most important members of the elite army use this watch as a professional tool. Today, BR 01 still uses its own strength to demonstrate Bell & Ross’s iconic values: easy to read, excellent performance, flexible and precise. With its high-tech ceramic case, ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’ breaks through the limits of the watch, reinterprets the original value concept of BR 01, and further improves the precision of the series. This limited edition number of engraved commemorative characters and only a limited number of 500 editions is a vivid illustration of the development of the series from the original cutting-edge watch to the iconic watch today.

A Classic Timepiece That Can Be Recognized At A Glance

Roman time scales, Arabic numeral time scales, bar time scales, sword-shaped time scales are common time scales, but their appearances have unique charm and their respective visual functions, which are lost There is absolutely no error. Just like Mona Lisa’s smile, if she looks at it, she can analyze it and write a tens of thousands of essays. The angle, the size of the scale, the beauty of the form, each detail must be carefully crafted in order to achieve the right effect like Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Roger Dolby: The Beauty of Radiance Roger Dolby Excalibur

 Roger Dolby’s Roman numeral time stamps are unique and particularly prominent in the Excalibur series. The Roman numeral hour scale is located in the center of the dial in a radial pattern, like a shining sun, showing dominance and majesty on the dial. Through careful identification, you can also see the form of Roman numerals. In Roger Dolby’s time world, Roman numeral timescales have become a part of decoration. It is not only an indication of time, but also a breakthrough in the constraints of time and space. Spiritual chanting.

 Roger Dolby GOLDEN SQUARE Festive Limited Edition

 There are other interpretations of roman numerals on the dial of Roger Dolby, such as the GOLDEN SQUARE Festive Limited Edition watch, which also uses roman numerals as the time scale, and the radial shape changes are faintly visible, but there are limitations on the scale. The entire dial is not covered with time scales. Of the twelve Roman numeral time scales around, the time scales at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock are more obvious than other time scales. A sense of calm.

Frank Muller: The Rainbow Story

The Franck Muller CINTREE CURVEX series watch is just like its name. The Franck Muller Color Dreams series watch is like a gorgeous rainbow. It brings colorful time and magnificent design to everyone’s happy time. In this CINTREE CURVEX watch, the colorful timescales are like children. They are curious and confused about this shining diamond dial, as if they are exchanging their supreme love for this watch. Looking at the time marks that are not in the ‘right’ position, we can’t help but think that perhaps never has been the same. Only by breaking the rules can we find the heart.

             Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE series: When a watch does not design the time scale with care, the time display function of the time scale gradually weakens, but this situation is balanced on the Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE watch. First of all, the eye-catching digital hour markers are still as colorful as the rainbow. If you look away from the center of the dial, you will find that there is a track-type hour marker on the inside of the dial. Time is more convenient and accurate.
 Roman time scales, Arabic numeral time scales, bar time scales, sword-shaped time scales are common time scales, but their appearances have unique charm and their respective visual functions, and they are infallible for thousands of miles. Just like Mona Lisa’s smile, if she looks at it, she can analyze it and write a tens of thousands of essays. The angle, the size of the scale, the beauty of the form, each detail must be carefully crafted in order to achieve the right effect like Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Breguet: Writing Classic Arabic Numbers

玑 Breguet’s watches show a deep retro feel in design. Whether it is a simple and wide dial or a narrow and slender bezel, Breguet’s watches look deeper and richer. The Breguet time scales are also very famous. The Arabic numeral time scales known as Breguet numbers have moving lines that are not found in ordinary fonts. There seems to be a mysterious interaction between numbers, and the slightly distorted strokes appear noble and holy on the pure white dial.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8918BR / 58/864 D00D

 However, Breguet’s digital time scales did not blindly maintain the classical attitude. In the Queen of Naples series, the time scales also showed power and beauty through deformation. On this Queen of Naples watch, the time scale starts from the 6 o’clock position and gradually increases towards 12 o’clock. The most obvious 12 hour mark occupies almost half of the area and produces a strong visual effect. On this watch, the territory of the hands is closely surrounded by digital hour markers. The contrast between large and small makes the watch full of dramatic effects, and the horse-eye diamond hour markers at 6 o’clock add a classic color.

Hermes: a subtle combination of tilt and pause

Hermes Arceau Time Suspendu

Sometimes we can see different time wonders on some fashion brands, such as Hermes time-out watch. Pausing a watch is a simple matter. However, people can’t stop the pace of time by trying everything, but it is also good. Hermès time pause can make us enjoy this subjectively. In addition to the connotation of the watch is not simple, the design of the watch is even more ingenious.
Hermes Arceau Time Suspendu blue dial

Breguet numbers once again exude fascinating visual effects on similar dials. As shown on the Hermes Time Pause dial, the digital time scales are tilted to the right at a delicate angle, as if a romantic stage is taking place on the dial. Round dance. It seems motionless, motionless, and static. The subtle error on the Hermès time stamp brings people a very full spiritual enjoyment.
Roman time scales, Arabic numeral time scales, bar time scales, sword-shaped time scales are common time scales, but their appearances have unique charm and their respective visual functions, and they are absolutely infallible. Just like Mona Lisa’s smile, if she looks at it, she can analyze it and write a tens of thousands of essays. The angle, the size of the scale, the beauty of the form, each detail must be carefully crafted in order to achieve the right effect like Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Panerai: surprisingly innovative sandwiches
Er er er Panerai Panerai PAM00339

 When we talk about luminous time scales, Panerai’s sandwich sandwich time scales are always mentioned. What are the benefits of this sandwich-like dial design? The technically good and bad editors cannot be interpreted for the time being, but the self-contained design style is very commendable!

 Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days

 In the past, the luminous hour markers were coated with a fluorescent coating on the hollowed-out hour markers. By adding a fluorescent layer panel to the dial, Panerai made the watch’s luminous display more concise and matched the watch’s masculine shape. Deeply loved by cunning people. The hollow sandwich design of the dial makes the watch’s fashion stand out. This is the unique charm of the Panerai hollow hours!

Rolex: Luminous Geometry in Deep Water

 Rolex Submariner 114060 Black Dial

 In many people’s minds, Rolex is synonymous with watches. The sturdy and durable Rolex also has a unique perspective on the design of the time scale. In the Submariner series, the triangular time scale at 12 o’clock is the most dazzling logo. As long as you see the combination of round, triangle and bar time scales, people’s thoughts will be brought into the mysterious deep sea. This is the classic power!

 Rolex Greenwich II Series 116710LN

 Such a combination of time stamps can be seen in many Rolex diving watches, as is this Greenwich watch. Or triangular or circular time scales, maximize the large area of ​​the fluorescent coating, and can easily read the time in the dark. Echoing the time scale is the classic snake-shaped pointer design, even in the dark, this prominent graphic style can also make people see at a glance, this is Rolex, this is the classic!

A Tribute To Anthony Saint Exupéry Iwc Pilot’s Calendar Special Watch Tasting

Pilot’s watch has always played an important role in pilots’ missions. That’s how to get the timing right for the pilots, especially in the era of flying pioneers where Anthony Saint Exupery is. It’s even more significant. As he described his experience as a Patagonien postal pilot in his novel ‘Nachtflug’ published in 1931, fighting against the harsh natural environment, fighting against every minute of energy consumption, and Fight against imperfect technology and communication connections. It has his desire for machinery and timing tools for precise time control. 85 years later, IWC launched a special edition of its famous watch, the large pilot’s perpetual calendar ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’, to pay tribute to the great humanitarian and pioneering pilot. (Watch model: IW503801)

Tribute goes with charity

Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ Special Edition

   As early as 2005, IWC and the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation entered into a partnership. Since then, Anthony Saint Exupery’s special tobacco grey dial and calfskin strap have become a continuation of this special collection. And named after him, paying high respect to this great flying pioneer. Each watch embodies the brand’s precise timepieces and innovative spirit. At the same time, it is also the joint effort of IWC and the Anthony Saint-Exupery Foundation to help young people growing up in difficult and harsh environments around the world. Part of the sales of brand watches will go to the foundation and its partner organizations.

Unique perpetual calendar design

Movement front display
   The development of watch calendar functions as a good start paved the way for IWC watches. In addition to showing the moon’s operating cycle, it also has hour, minute, second, date, week, month and four-digit year display. This device is mechanically set, all display functions can be advanced normally, and can take into account the length of different months before 2100, and even all leap days in the Gregorian calendar without any adjustment. However, for non-leap years like 2100 and 2200 (except for endless 400), the next day (for example, February 29, 2100) should be skipped. At this time, the watchmaker needs to perform the calendar on March 1. Adjust manually. Even if it is stopped for a long time, its convenient and fast design will make all displays easily adjusted by pushing the crown forward.
Appreciation of the details

Watch case display

   The 46mm stainless steel case and polished bezel have smooth lines and delicate texture, showing the pilot’s perseverance and heroism. After the polishing process, the case exudes a unique gloss of stainless steel.

Watch dial display

   On the sun-smoked smoky dial, the various function dials are subtly laid out and contrast each other, showing the unique characteristics of the watch. The rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and scale are treated with luminous material, and the red, pointed tips of the date, day and month hands make the entire dial look like the aircraft instrument panel. The power reserve display at the time mark of the dial 3 is combined with the date display. It moves counterclockwise to indicate the watch’s power reserve at all times, thereby displaying the winding state of the movement. It has various watch functions such as date display, day of the week display, month display, annual calendar display, perpetual calendar moon phase display, etc., showing the rich connotation of the watch between the small plate and small plate.

Watch crown display

   The stainless steel screw-down crown, with the IWC logo engraved on the top, adds the brand’s unique temperament to the watch. The large onion crown design has a non-slip texture and feels good, laying the foundation for accurate debugging of the watch.

Watch lug display

   The lugs are also polished, with smooth and natural lines and comfortable visual effects. And the watch and strap are well connected together, highlighting the overall temperament and charm of the watch.

Watch back cover display

   The watch is designed with back-through technology, and the movement of the movement can be observed through the back cover, which is interesting. The oscillating weight made of 18K red gold is engraved with ‘EDITION SAINTEXUPÉRY’. The engraving of ‘ONE OUT OF 750’ represents the limited edition of 750 pieces of this special edition watch. The badge on the center of the oscillating weight is decorated with the letter ‘A’ to represent the initials of Anthony Saint Exupery’s name. The water-resistant depth is 60 meters, and the glass mirror is firmly assembled, which can withstand the sudden pressure drop without loosening.

Watch strap display

   The watch is equipped with a brown Santoni calfskin strap, hand-stitched, and has the same sense of sight as Anthony Saint Exupery’s flight suit. The calf leather strap has an excellent texture and is connected with a stainless steel buckle.

Watch overall display

Summary: It has a story, a face, and a connotation. It is also one of the classic 2016 watches. Rich functions and support for brand charity make this watch with added value. If you like this watch, you can enter the brand store for details.

You See Only The Ass Throughout The Movie? Do You Understand Jiang Wen?

Make a dumpling for jealousy, burn a smoking room for the gift, do n’t eat the dumplings in the mouth, and opium intoxicates into the nasal cavity. Give a tube of injection for the old and make a piece of clothing for invisibility , Not to be old but to take the initiative to die, but invisible but bare skinned. The traitor kneels on the ground like a dog, the knight flies up to the eaves like a dove, who sleeps in the death knell and does not wake up, who stiffens in the sea of ​​fire. Can not lose the teeth of hatred, Peiping is an isolated island, the sea recedes into a river and lake. ‘ —— A review of Douban netizen Xi Louchen’s comment on Jiang Wen’s “No Evil”

Movie ‘No Evil’ Poster

 Do you understand Jiang Wen? Maybe you have seen his ‘Sunny Days’ and ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ … You think he is angry, cynical and somewhat talented. Going to the cinema with the expectation of mood, he saw his latest work, ‘Evil Doesn’t Overwhelm You,’ but was disappointed. The film has been released for some time, and the evaluation is mixed and badly divided. Without a rush of praise, many people said they didn’t understand. I just remember ‘Xu Qing’s hips’ and ‘Peng Yuyan’s chest muscles’ in the movie. If you are a senior cousin, you may still have a little impression of the Longines pocket watch in the movie. Apart from that, no one can say anything about the feelings this film brings to themselves. Do you understand Jiang Wen? Is ‘Evil Doesn’t Make You Right’ is Jiang Wen’s self-talk? What kind of story is being told in the final chapter of ‘The Republic of China Trilogy’ by Jiang Wen’s sixth director’s work, ‘Evil Doesn’t Control the Righteousness’?

Jiang Wen

 Let’s start with Jiang Wen’s background. Jiang Wen was born into a military family. After 10 years of age, he settled in a military compound in Beijing. He smoked and played guitar with a group of children in the small courtyard. It is said that this is the prototype of the movie ‘Sunny Day’. Such a growth environment gives Jiang Wen the confidence that ‘you can just let yourself be happy’ and disdain other people’s evaluation. At the same time, it is also in such a growth environment that he can be extremely tolerant to do something ‘different from ordinary people’. Directors, acting, and all are his hobbies. He likes and obeys his will.

 Jiang Wen’s Dialogue in the Show ‘Round Table’ (Source: Watermark)

 During the show, the host asked Jiang Wen, are you afraid of not being accepted by young people now? His answer was ‘who is young’. Interesting answer. ‘Aren’t you afraid of spoilers?’, ‘No, I’m not afraid!’, With his own heart, Jiang Wen is like an old naughty boy.

‘I do not recognize’

Peng Yuyan as Li Tianran

 The background of the story of ‘Evil Doesn’t Overpower’ took place in China on the eve of the July 7th Incident of the last century. At that time, Beijing was called ‘Beiping’-‘Beijing can no longer be called Beijing, Nanjing is China’s capital, and Beijing can only be called Beiping.’ In this context, Li Tianran (Peng Yuyan), who had the feud of killing his father (Master), returned to Peiping from the United States.

Zhou Yun as Guan Qiaohong

 At the beginning of the story, the sound of several gunshots passed from the ear to the heart-‘Bang Bang Bang’. At this time, the audience was probably secretly glad that their heart was healthy. In fact, after reading this whole story, what impressed me the most was the characters who starred in the portrayal. Each character has its own charm.

Li Tianran, played by Peng Yuyan, runs naked on the roof
 In shaping the role, Li Tianran has a little romance. Most of his opponent’s plays with his sweetheart are on the eaves. He burned the opium library to fulfill his promise to Qiao Hong. It does n’t matter if you are dressed in Japanese pants or dressed in clever red clothes. He is the romantic embodiment of Jiang Wen in this movie. Peng Yuyan, a 36-year-old ‘middle-aged’, plays a somewhat reckless young man who just graduated from college in the movie, without any sense of disobedience. Of course, I do n’t think there is any problem with his acting skills. He looks handsome and has acting skills, so do n’t be so harsh. (Although his lines still have a good Hong Kong and Taiwan accent that was not forced to change, but his performance should be consistent with what Jiang Wen wants to express, otherwise Jiang Wen would not choose him and praise him.

Li Yan, played by Yu Yan, wore a Longines silver pocket watch in the play

 This Longines silver pocket watch from 1929 is in line with the time background, equipped with a manual winding movement of 18.79ZZ. For Li Tianran, who has returned from overseas, he naturally needs a fine pocket watch to echo his identity. In that era, pocket watches also became a gentleman’s expression of detail and style.

Zhu Qianlong played by Liao Fan as a villain in the play

 Zhu Qianlong’s role is definitely the ‘funny role’ in the whole play. His ‘ancestor’ Zhu Yuanzhang is really like him. The actor Liao Fan is very malleable. In the consideration of the lines, the lines of Jiang Wen’s film have been recognized by most people. Jiang Wen and Liao Fan had a play in ‘Evil Is Not Right’, which was still impressive to me and my friends who watched movies together.

— ‘Who writes a diary for serious people?’
— ‘Yes! Can I write in my diary in my heart?’
The two cried out in unison, ‘Bitch!’

This scene is a classic
 After Li Tianran returned to Peiping, he began to take revenge for his master. His family was being treated by brother Zhu Qianlong (Liao Fan) and a Japanese Genichiro (Sawada Kenya
(Decorated). The villain played by Liao Fan in it is not hateful, but has a ‘human touch’ on people. He is cunning, regardless of the apprenticeship for the benefit, and can also agree to the request of Mr. Lan played by Jiang Wen for the benefit-killing the alliance Ichiro. This person seems ruthless and meaningless, but has an inexplicable desire for control and possession of Tang Fengyi, played by his lover Xu Qing. Possession, in a way, is based on love, at least I think so .

Xu Qing’s ‘hip’ in the play is full of sexy

 And Tang Fengyi’s ‘hip’ played by Xu Qing is a big attraction to attract the audience. You must know that Xu Qing is almost 50 years old and she really has no choice.

Peng Yuyan’s good figure runs through the movie

 In short, this story is a story of revenge for a youth with personal hatred. The movie is ‘criticized’. One is that there are too many clues to understand, the other is that the relationship between the characters is not completely clear. The movie came to an abrupt end in a place that the audience did not expect.

Guan Qiaohong and Li Tianran

 Guan Qiaohong’s role is the existence of ‘most like gardenia’ in the whole movie. She was faint, but she could not be seen wherever she went, but she could smell a fragrance. Jiang Wen was selfish and gave this wife a very feminine character.

Zhou Yun plays the role of Guan Qiaohong

The play on the eaves accounts for a large proportion

 It is not easy to try to find the answer in a logical way. There are many things you can’t explain logically, let alone a movie or a story. (More so, Jiang Wen’s movie)

 A big V asked everyone on Weibo that the film ‘Evil Is Not Right’ is not worth watching. Recommended and not recommended, have their own opinions. Many people also asked me, is this movie good-looking? I think it looks good, it’s worth the fare, you don’t think so. But this movie is worthy of Jiang Wen himself, as well as Liao Fan, Peng Yuyan, and Xu Qing. At least let me see the romance in troubled times, which is still above reality.

Recommendations Of Hublot Bigbang Series Watches

HUBLOT broke into the market with its own unique design. Most Hublot watches use multi-piece structures to make their cases, and the heavy metal feel is very strong. The HUBLOT BIGBANG series is the best interpretation of the fusion concept. It has been praised by all parties and won multiple international awards. It is recognized as the top sports watch in the industry. Today, the Watch House recommends three masterpieces in the HUBLOT BIGBANG series for everyone.

Hublot JEANS 301.SL.2770.NR.JEANS watch

Watch price: RMB 107500
Case diameter: 44 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel

Details of the watch: Of the entire watch, the most used denim is the strap, which is based on soft black rubber, and a piece of Italian denim is inlaid and stitched on it. The 44mm case and anti-refractive sapphire crystal glass not only ensure the beauty of the watch, but also the quality of the watch. Due to the special process, the blue dial made of denim does not fade over time and the sun. Equipped with HUB4100 movement, power reserve reaches 42 hours. This watch gives a sporty cowboy style and breathes a wild west into modern watchmaking.

Hublot POP ART 341.VL.4789.LR.1207.POP15 watch

Watch price: RMB 234300
Case diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel

Watch details:
Watch price: RMB 146200
Case diameter: 45 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Watch details: Unico movement. Unico movement has undergone more than 4 years of research and development. It is the result of intensive research and development carried out by Hublot in its own watchmaking factory. This excellent movement contains 330 hand-assembled parts. The unique structure of the Unico movement allows additional functions to be added to assemble other complex functions and modules, such as a flyback timing device, a dual time function or a double retrograde timing device. In a real sense, it ensures the accuracy and stability of the watch.

In summary: Bolt, the 100-meter champion of the Olympic Games, has always been the global endorsement of Hublot. It can be seen that Hublot attaches great importance to sports. Hublot’s fusion concept has been fully utilized through continuous exploration of rare materials, combinations and new alloys. The Big Bang series, as one of Hublot’s most famous series, is Hublot’s best-selling watch series. The watch is accurate in timing, durable, and the stability of the movement has deeply attracted the majority of sports watch lovers .

Crystal Clear Romance: Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Series Crystal Watch

In the romantic moments, make the most sincere promises to loved ones, and wait for the purest love. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2019, HUBLOT presents you with crystal clear watches—SpiritofBigBang moonphase titanium diamond watch and SpiritofBigBang sapphire chronograph.

SpiritofBigBang sapphire sapphire case, 42 mm diameter, sapphire dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph, HUB4700 automatic winding movement, power reserve 50 hours, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 50 Meter, rubber strap, limited to 200 pieces.

SpiritofBigBang sapphire chronograph
   The longing and desirable beauty in clear, clear, pure love is vividly expressed on the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ sapphires. The upper structure of the watch (including the bezel and the case ends) and the lower structure (including the case back and the mirror) are made of 4 complete sapphire cuts. The barrel-shaped case of Hublot is extremely difficult to complete. challenge. Using 3D cutting technology, it took 100 man-hours to create a SpiritofBigBang sapphire chronograph that is as indestructible as a diamond and has excellent scratch resistance. Toughness and loyalty symbolize that even if things change for the stars, they still keep their promises, and the love that has been tempered by time will bloom forever.

SpiritofBigBang Moon Phase Titanium Diamond Watch with Sapphire and Diamond Case, 42mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, Big Calendar, Moon Phase, HUB1770 Automatic Movement, 50-Hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal Mirror and Case Back, Water resistant to 100 meters, rubber strap.

SpiritofBigBang Moon Phase Titanium Diamond Watch

   Beautiful and deep, at a glance, you can see the HUB1770 automatic winding skeleton calendar camera core carried by the timepiece. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the dual moon phase pattern rises and falls through the frosted glass, completely showing the moon phase cycle and changes, as if the replacement of the sun, the moon and the stars, telling the love and the original heart that has never changed. A small second hand display at 9 o’clock, and a large calendar display between 12 and 3 o’clock. The diverse small dials are independent of each other, but they are connected to each other, more like the fetters of love in love. With endless love.

Seiko Fine Carving Blancpain Villeret Series Shakudō Watch

Blancpain has always been famous for its independent top-level watchmaking workshops with engraving and enamel painting, and its Damascus gold-plated products have been praised for a long time. Today, the brand is writing a glorious chapter, showing the splendid beauty of Shakudō.

   Red copper is native to Japan and is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Historically, red copper has been used with other materials to make utensils such as swords, decorations and jewelry. Craftsmen who are proficient in red copper forging technology often sculpt and decorate their works. Today, Blancpain presents this rare art form through a series of unique and precious chronograph watches designed by the brand. This watch series fully demonstrates the brand’s century-old gold-plated painting expertise in watchmaking. Containing at least four different models, the perfect combination of red copper, carving and Damascus gold setting. The different craftsmanship of each watchmaker makes these works subtle and makes each watch truly orphan.

   The dial of the watch is decorated with a portrait of Ganesh, the iconic elephant head. For Hindus, Ganesha is the god who covers all obstacles, the god of wisdom, talent and prudence, and the leader of education and academics. A hand-carved gold throne at the center of the Hindu motif on the dial is enough to illustrate this.

   Adhering to the principle of fully respecting the aesthetic perspective of the Villeret series watches, these models are made of red gold trapezoidal case with a diameter of 45mm. This size has left a lot of space for Blancpain watchmakers to create. Through the sapphire crystal, you can also see the charming style of the 15B hand-wound movement decorated with the Geneva wave pattern.